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  1. ok sorry mate in future im not going to interact with you anymore as it is a waste of time because you could just ask if you dont understand something...but you decided to trashtalk like im firing the vikhr with the shkval caged
  2. the interesting part is another perosn who asked seemd t understood the lean explanation aswell but im always happy to help new players aswell :) Edit: + as im getting tired to always explain you why stuff is as it is i invite you for a mature talk in discord then you can explain me why it "shouldnt " work and i explain you why it does
  3. Just For Your nformation its constantly guided but AS ALWAYS you dont get the informations out of my text, okay lets try this ONE MORE TIME just FOR YOU Step1: Find TGT LRF it Step2: Get back in cover Adjust your guidence beam and stay if possible on the azimuth of the TGT Step3: Fire your Vikhr by overwriting your LA Step4: guide it wowards the TGT until its 3 sec ahead of impact Step5: pop up high enough to aquire LINE OF SIGHT WITH YOUR TGT AND POINT THE CENTER OF YOUR I251 WITH THE LASER STILL FIRING ( YES i dont turn it off halfway trough , ...surpirse surprise....) AND SHACK THE SA8 OSA OR TOR BEFORE IT EVEN CAN POINT ITS TRACK Antenna towards you hope that helps Mr. Frie
  4. dude as always youdont get what im explaining
  5. i do it that way i laserrange find on the grass or basically a non aquireable terrain next to my actual tgt then dop ALT again overwrite LA by flipping it to manual mode and thens hoot and do the above
  6. YES, or you can basically Lob vikhrs by knowing distance ----> flight time to the target and you just sta covered behind trees terrain until the ATGM is like 3 sec away from impact then you climb up and let the vikhr ride onto the SA8´s ass ive done that a couple times when there was no other way to kill the SA15 or OSA messign in my territory mate hashtag
  7. Im already reall excited, and will be so entrhilled if we get the INU drift + working INU update, Shkval filters Electrical systems detail
  8. What do you guys think of an ABRIS function to update the DL information during a Mission by the groundcrew or something?? so FE. when im flying on TTI (Through he Inferno) and i wiped out an A2G Attack Helo Mission and im heading back to the farp there will be a new one spawning in less than 5 minutes. Therefor it would be awesome to have an update function for the abris to regain DL iformations of the new Mission as this is set by the missiondesigner to be given These informations in ME. Cause at the current state of the Kamov you Keep seeing the "old" smacked Targets and wont get a new DL "update" unless you reslot. Or Maybe im missing something ?? Let me know what you think, and if you believe it would be helpfull. Maybe we get ED to include that to a Openbeta update. :book:
  9. JUST READ , we know that the thread is About awacs but he particular mentioned GCI aswell and we gave answer :)
  10. A-A Mode works perfectly fine, VIKHR fuzes perfectly shot down MI28 and Gazelle with it last week. Also Gun predicts perfectly, can speak out of experience last week also a Beaming Gazelle at 90 kts IAS had a bad day as i locked her up at 2.4 km distance and shot it down with 2 Bursts of HE 30mm Rounds ;)
  11. GCI , idk About you but i can contact GCI on ka 50
  12. i m honest ive yet not tried it to tune in on the requ and ask for a BRAA on any Server but if ist not possible tha would very important to complete.
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