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  1. I’ve built both UFC, and working MFD’s with TM mfd controllers. Lemme know. CB
  2. I am not familiar with your other choices but the Thrustmaster TPR set has served me well so far. History: I went through many other sets prior and could never seem to get the same level of control I got with the TPR. Started with Ch Products rudder pedals - which worked well but aged out on me (after 10 years... so what do you expect...) I replaced them with the cheaper TM set, which worked... but I was never able to get good fine control out of them... I finally found the TM TPR used on eBay and have been exceptionally pleased ever since. Happy huntin
  3. AWESOME! Much thanks - now I can use that old throttle again. CB
  4. It can actually be quite useful, once all the ECM and ECCM systems are modelled... Another system that it would silence would be the ASPJ, a system that you would turn on at FENCE check and probably forget about - but I'm pretty sure its not implemented yet either. It will not stop you from transmitting over UHF though... gotta remember that if you're trying to be silent and deadly...
  5. I agree - DLSS seems like it could go a long way with both VR and flat screen DCS performance - but I wonder what it really takes to implement it...
  6. The Shapeways AB detent works VERY VERY well for simulating the real Hornet AB - The finger lifts are ONLY used for starts. period.
  7. I can refuel the Hornet, took a bit of a warm-up (which got a little ugly at first...) but it's all about resisting the urge to overcontrol the stick, and constant small adjustments to the throttles. CB
  8. Looks Great! Are you going to release the 3D files for these? I'd like to try to build it. CB
  9. Just installed mine - excellent add on - highly recommended. It's one of those things where you didn't know how badly you were suffering until you try it. CB
  10. Howdy Gonzman, I've had mine since it released and have not had that issue. up and down are just as clicky as the rest of the directions. Might want to put a call into TM on this one. CB
  11. Victor - if you have a 3D printer check out thingiverse and search "thrustmaster". Also you can get one printed and sent to you from Shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/product/3MJPNE2SV/warthog-throttle-part-afterburner-detent CB
  12. WF, I also made a UFC controller, and used two boards - one Arduino and a Bodner board. I didn't realize that you can download an app from Bodnar which allows you program the board with many different functions - like a single press results from a constant "on" toggle switch. Havent messed with it lately - but check that out - maybe it can help you. CB
  13. hitting wake turb... In real dogfights its a little different depending on the where and how you intercept the wake. If you hit the wake off a close head to head pass it can vary from just a loud thump (the first time I encountered this I thought I had a mid-air...lol..) and a quick bump of turbulence (in the case of high closing speed opposing pass) to a slightly prolonged bump of turbulence and less loud audible feedback when the angles off decrease during a slower pass. When you are directly behind and trying to match flight vectors (for either a gunshot or close formation flying)
  14. Thanks Dino, appreciate the info. I was kinda hoping your position wasn’t based on a youtube video, but there ya go... in the interest of time and the fact that I’m realizing that this is becoming a flat earth society for Naval Aviation history... here is my question- If the F-14 wasn’t designed to employ the AIM-54, which was created to destroy targets at range (thus interceptor...) how would one explain the fact that it is the only US fighter to employ it? And so let’s all agree then that the F-111, because the US Airforce designated it a “Fighter”, is also designed for dogfighting.
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