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  1. I have a foolproof technique.


    I fly up and put the probe in the basket and hover there for a few minutes and you get your gas.


    Just kidding. I feel ya,


    I have about a thousand refuelings or more in helicopters as a crew member not a pilot.


    The best advice I ever heard was to rest your forearm on your thigh to reduce pilot induced oscillation.


    In dcs that means changing your curve. Which I set mine to 25 on each.


    You want to be in a position after you contact to fly there until your full. I tend to pick up the basket a little and be a little outside.


    In a helo you pick up the basket and put it up and left on the fuel dump tube outside of the c130 wing. You can’t do that with the f18 because they are using the high speed drogue or some sim thing.’


    Peripheral vision is very important. More monitors, track ir or VR.


    But here is the deal with the real thing. Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats just hittin that thing again and again.


    Seems like a good idea all around.

  2. Dark hair with mustache. We (a local informal club we had) were all flying Falcon 3.0 at a thing in san mateo with the owner of thrustmaster, who was friends with this fighter pilot guy from working on link 16 project.


    They asked us to be in the video.

  3. What am I missing.


    I am trying to play a mission that requires ze dim static pack


    I cannot find the pack


    I cannot open the mission and edit it without the pack


    Does anyone know how to fix this stuff.


    It seems like lunacy

  4. I have been doing DCS for awhile. I have done a lot of a-10 and am learning FA18.


    I have been working on learning laser Mavericks. I have been doing buddy laser with a friend. The laser seems to work less reliably as the flight gets longer.


    Has anyone heard of the laser getting hot, or quit working, or is it bugged?




  5. I am having intermittent failures/problems with some of the buttons on my warthog throttle.


    Does anyone else have these problems?


    I read something about calibration software. Is there such a thing and where do I get it?



  6. I turn to the heading and hit mark on the ufc. You pull up that mark as a waypoint. If you like you can set the heading bug on the hsi. Then I setup my tacan and ils. I use the rough figure of a ten mile final. For tacan approach thats 3000’ at the turn. I adjust the alt accordingly as i approach the turn so that when I roll out I am 300’ for each mile to go.

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