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  1. I must tell you my issues with the campaign. First is the complexity. Why is it necessary to input codes to start each mission. Next, you don’t seem to have to do anything but takeoff and land to get the code for the next mission. Next, there is no next mission. There are no clear mission statements or execution plans that specifically tell you what to do with each mission. I am sorry if that offends, but that is basic military planning. It doesn’t have to be complex, go here and do this. More basic planning issues. At the end of each mission there is a set of coordinates given. But you don’t give an altitude for each set of coordinates. Last there is no tanker tacan listed in each and every briefing. I am certainly not an expert on dcs. But I know a little bit about military planning. I don’t think you need that experience, to put a clear set of objectives in each mission.
  2. The hmd in my f18 turns off within a few seconds of when I turn it on. I use the mouse and roll it on using the dial. Within a few seconds the dial rolls back without me touching it. I have a track file, but it is too large to upload. I have been able to repeat this bug. I looked at my control inputs and there is no key assigned,
  3. No its not shown in the kneeboard or the briefing for the 2nd mission
  4. I have just had it with these campaigns. You guys who write these things and don’t know the first thing about mission planning. And for some reason you ALL have a deep psychological failing when it comes to putting the tanker information in the briefing where it can be accessed in flight. (Major problems with every mission or campaign I try, with putting accurate and complete information in the briefings). And actually putting the mission objectives into the briefing. And making the objectives obscure so you can’t figure out how to complete the mission. Actual mission planning included using an operations order format. 1. Situation. This is where you can use your creative gene and write all your words about your characters etc. 2. Mission statement. As it implies it is A sentence that actually explains what the hell you want to accomplish. 3. Execution. This is a scheme of maneuver that outlines with details how to accomplish the mission. 4. Support. This includes stuff like where the ac is and how its loaded out. What to do if you get shot down etc. 5. Command and signal. This includes a complete comm plan, its a plan, not a list of freq. and a list of every freq and tacan and ils in the mission. This is an excellent thing to include in the kneeboard. You could call it a comm card or a smart card and sound like an actual military aviator. Generally in your comm plan; There will be common frequencies. Then separate frequencies for subtasks. You would monitor a primary such as blue 1. And land tank strike etc on a sub freq such as green 1,2,3, This stuff is not rocket science and has been taught to E-1s in every military service and law enforcement agency in the world since long before any of you guys were around. Planning is organized like this in order to make it harder to forget stuff (like tanker tacans) and provide a common format. ie so everyone can understand what you are trying to say. And if you are not organizing this way, you don’t know what you are doing. I might as well take the money I spent on the campaign and burn it in the street. The continuing aggravation of trying to figure out what to do is infuriating.
  5. I have looked around to see if this is a known issue. If I start the f16 in the air or hot start or runway start, the aircraft is off. I have to start it from scratch. Has anyone heard of this.
  6. The hind is invisible. Thats about as tough as it gets. Year of the invisible helicopter
  7. Where are the damn helicopters. Maybe its a half a yr of a half a helicopter
  8. I experienced today for the only time. The tags quit showing. Then I could not make the helmet sight soi. is this some sort of intermitent or known bug?
  9. Hi. my friend and I are thinking about joining a squadron. We both have more than most DCS experience. We are in ca and id. Where is your server?
  10. I cannot seem to connect machine to machine. has DCS changed? Do we need a dedicated server?
  11. I am unable to see my friends server. Has something changed in dcs? I can’t seem to connect machine to machine anymore
  12. This thing is great, You can carry close to 90 rockets, you will run out of gas before you run out of ammo. The jet feels like its got more gitty up. Helmet sight is great. Has anyone tried the rockets on moving targets?
  13. Hi Just bought this. I am happy to spend money to help create good dcs content. I usually fly missions with my friend. Which means I open them and mod them for clients and save them. I am unable to do that with these missions. Save and save as are not active. Can anyone help me out?
  14. I am reading this thread because I am unable to complete a case III recovery and get a grade. It appears there is a problem?
  15. I have a foolproof technique. I fly up and put the probe in the basket and hover there for a few minutes and you get your gas. Just kidding. I feel ya, I have about a thousand refuelings or more in helicopters as a crew member not a pilot. The best advice I ever heard was to rest your forearm on your thigh to reduce pilot induced oscillation. In dcs that means changing your curve. Which I set mine to 25 on each. You want to be in a position after you contact to fly there until your full. I tend to pick up the basket a little and be a little outside. In a helo you pick up the basket and put it up and left on the fuel dump tube outside of the c130 wing. You can’t do that with the f18 because they are using the high speed drogue or some sim thing.’ Peripheral vision is very important. More monitors, track ir or VR. But here is the deal with the real thing. Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats just hittin that thing again and again. Seems like a good idea all around.
  16. Dark hair with mustache. We (a local informal club we had) were all flying Falcon 3.0 at a thing in san mateo with the owner of thrustmaster, who was friends with this fighter pilot guy from working on link 16 project. They asked us to be in the video.
  17. What am I missing. I am trying to play a mission that requires ze dim static pack I cannot find the pack I cannot open the mission and edit it without the pack Does anyone know how to fix this stuff. It seems like lunacy
  18. Thats funny. I am one of the extras in this video. I forgot it had been so many years
  19. Thats funny. Seems like alot of work for something that doesn’t work.
  20. Its keyboard emmulator. Mine works great
  21. I downloaded this mission and it wont run without some kind of install stuff. Why would someone make a mission like that
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