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  1. its unplayable for me at those settings, looks like a potato
  2. i dont have tools in my drop down menu lol
  3. i cant see a damn thing until very close, even a guy with the same headset can spot aircraft WAAAAAAY before i can. ive even tried his settings and its still much worse for me. what settings help with spotting visually?
  4. A friendly f18 shot a friendly f14, he actually got shot down twice by friendlies in the same mission lol
  5. had an f18 jock ask me to switch me iff on, made me realise i dont know how our iff works? is it as rio switch?
  6. 1 check flaps are raised including manueavering flaps 2 check you arnt putting them in bomb mode (55 degrees or thereabouts)
  7. how does tanking compare ingame to real life? i find it the hardest thing to do in dcs (in the cat, the hornet is an absolute doddle/breeze!)
  8. so theres a way ingame right now to run a tomcat with amraams? lol
  9. the pitch ladder is adjustable and does wander too although i dont know why so that isnt trust worthy at all imo, vsi is the best instrument imo but even thats a bit laggy. i THINK the double L works too but i dont really use the hud in that way i use the steam gauges. for normal flight i prefer them anyway, fwiw i find the f18 hud especially in a guns situation horribly cluttered, actually worse for me than the big windscreen frame in the cat because the obstructions are right in your sightline. all id like is airspeed and thats only for when im in a very low energy state ie at the top o
  10. so the pal modes arnt on the hotas? OUCH. dont think ive ever used plm in a fight lol mostly pal or vsl high
  11. the 1 i stuffed up was mission 1, cant remember what campaign but its escort a tanker or awacs into nellis then land and park. i managed to fail it without any idea what i did wrong. obviously i stuffed up a procedure or a radio call but i have no idea what, the follow me truck took me to thr wrong parking spot so i went into the breifing and went to the correct 1, mission fail. meh
  12. whats the campaign called? and if you fail a mission due to procedure/comms will it tell you what you did wrong?
  13. the rio controlled vsl hi? i thought they were pilot modes? id love speed on the hud but i can get by without it, it would DEFFINATELY make tanking a little easier (for me at least) because we cant feel the speed variations ingame the hornet is an absolute BREEZE to aar by comparison for a bunch of reasons did you use a sparrowhawk hud? what extra symbology is in it?
  14. You went silent as soon as you launched?
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