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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/eu-proposes-mandatory-usb-c-on-all-devices-including-iphones/ar-AAOJPKj?ocid=uxbndlbing I love eu so much right now
  2. -_- This post was moved to chit chat
  3. The whole point of hoj is to get the ranging by locking on the waves emited by the jammer.
  4. That cursor shoudn't have been modelled to begin with
  5. Yeah and im asking for operator's manuals
  6. Its a way for them to do less work on the said platform.
  7. Now if u have manuals for the combat systems and the sensors you are a demi god
  8. Какой приоритет на режимах viper hts и viper h.a.r.m dl
  9. 我怎么可能知道 paf 使用与欧洲国家相同的连续剧?
  10. Sead messages,cas ip and cas tgt messages and message page
  11. 我正在随机滚动一些东西,我发现提到了一个名为 PK1-F17-1 的系列。 它的 prolly 没有被扫描,因为我找不到任何关于它的信息。有人可以对我有所了解吗?
  12. What you are doing is called coping
  13. T72B3,M1A2, DF30,TR85M1,Challanger 1 and M109 full fidelity
  14. Are you threatning me to ignore my comment? Lol be my guest.
  15. Buying a module bc its easier to fly is the dumbest criteria you can base your decisions on.
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