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  1. Same issue every time we play online. The crew is marshaling the first jet to present itself, and the second has to wait until the first one is launched for the procedure to start. None of us are the server, all client. This has been recurring for some times now.
  2. Oh, what I would give for a late Navy version, either J, N or S!
  3. VF-26 Laughin' Devils, Devil 114 going at it!
  4. Thanks, I'll try it out!
  5. Let's bump this one, see if we can have any reaction from the team!
  6. Yes and no. They sorted the "launch bar up" issue for the B, but the IFLOS has never been calibrated for it, and the LSO keeps giving you the "you're slow' when you're dead on speed, even on-speed/fast.
  7. Absolutely nothing since the beginning. I have a feeling they are completely ignoring the issues with the F-14 as it's not an ED product...
  8. Something? Anyone?
  9. You can fly the ball, just keep it in the upper half of the glide scope. Still a good practice to keep a steady ball. But yeah, apparently ED is only willing to provide assistance for the F-18 and don't give a damn about anything from other 3rd parties devs...
  10. Hell, I mixed both manufacturers again... Sorry, shipmate!
  11. @BIGNEWY have those been reported to the team? Sorry to push, folks, but seing there is reply from community manager to some issues with the trousers camouflage of some guys on the deck, but not about important functionality is somewhat off-putting.
  12. @stingray77, by all means, keep us posted :-). I'm currently fondling with the idea of getting the VKB F-14 grip for my Warthog, but this kind of issue could be a no-no.
  13. Kinda want to bump this and hope to have an answer from ED.
  14. I've already repored several bugs with the F-14 and SC (not this one, though), and ED don't seem to give a sh*t about it, never got an answer.
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