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  1. Try reinstalling the script, maybe there was some error in the files while it was running
  2. As for changing panels with buttons, check how it will work, I tried to make it sensibly not to cover other buttons/switches and not to be too large/small, but with such a huge number of different devices (screen proportions, resolutions, etc.), all combinations are not can be checked I try to improve performance wherever possible, in the application I improve the mechanisms of "drawing" panels on the screen so that everything loads faster and uses only as much memory as is needed. Older hardware will always be slower no matter if it is this application or another. I do not know if yo
  3. New version 1.0.2021.0319 available - A-10C CDU: increased panel performance - added F-5E Warnings panel - JF-17: added AAP (Avionics Activation Panel) - JF-17 UFCP: changed panel graphics - app: added the option to swipe panels with buttons (choice between gestures / buttons in settings) - app: changed some others graphics The update may additionally inform about permission to access the location, I'm working on something new, some more information will be soon ...
  4. There will be even more of them, heh[emoji1]
  5. New version 1.0.2021.0305 avaible - F/A-18C: added right console (ELEC / ECS / INTR LT) - F/A-18C: changed UFC graphics - M2000C INS: increased panel performance - M2000C INS: fixed displaying data on LCD's - M2000C PCA: fixed displaying data on 2nd top LCD
  6. Check if the IP address of the device (tablet) matches the one given for it in the Config.lua file (it is possible that the router assigned a different address to it or it may be a typo in the given address)
  7. Sure you can, any configuration
  8. New version 1.0.2021.0219 avaible - A-10C: added UHF radio panel - A-10C: UFC panel performance increased - F-16C: added UHF radio panel - AV8BNA: fixed COMM 1 & 2 knobs - AV8BNA / F/A-18C: fixed displaying data on LCD's - F/A-18C: fixed COMM 1 & 2 knobs
  9. For Harrier, I have a few more plans and a few additional panels will definitely appear, as for the additional switches and indicators you are talking about, I have to think how to do it to make it meaningful. A bit of ED crosses my plans with the planned change of the graphical API. I know it's a very good move to change the graphics engine because it will increase performance and DCS will definitely be more optimized but it will result in "incompatibility" (if I can call it that) with the stream application because they are two different engines. It seems to me that the better
  10. Maybe something will come of it Thx in plans, I'm just wondering whether to do it as an additional part to an already finished panel or, for example, an additional panel with this type of one of the more needed switches, indicators
  11. New version 1.0.2021.0204 avaible - M2000C: added PPA (Weapons configuration panel) - M2000C: added cautions panel - M2000C: graphics have been changed - A-10C: fixed system switches on the CMSP panel - AV8BNA: corrected display of switches and displays on the weapon armament panel
  12. I found the reason of this, will be fixed in the update
  13. From what I've seen, a lot of people use Amazon tablets. I personally do not have it, so it would be best if one of the users confirmed you
  14. Thx Regarding feedback, I'm partly working on adding the sound of clicking buttons, switches etc, regarding vibration.. a little later Ok, I'll check it out
  15. This time something different, I prepared a simple application for easier DCS script installation to make it a bit easier for users who are not entirely sure where, what and how it should be. Current users may also find it useful for update the script more easily https://github.com/pet333r/pw-dev_script/releases/download/configurator/Script.Configurator.zip
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