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  1. Thanks. No, nothing was installed other than DCS because this was done for DCS... Windows was also "debloated" and lastly network optimized.... After the last few tweaks I find DCS acting slightly different and I am getting onto servers more often, usually servers with low pings, <90, although not often enough... I can't really drag the tower to a wired location (too far) but I am going to continue optimizing this connection... I have tripled the bandwidth or more and reduced latency considerably... I have a couple more changes I am going to make and I think with those I may
  2. Just got on another server and could have flown.... First time I think ... What hasn't changed is when leaving server and going back to the Servers screen is that all servers disappear... This has been consistent on all builds and must be a bug... Servers are there when going in but all gone when coming back.... Refreshing doesn't help and neither does returning to the main menu and going back to Multiplayer... At that point MP menu no longer works... Is that my "ping swing" too?
  3. I don't think I'm having "wild ping swings" although that sounds fun... I AM running Open Beta as stated in my posts... installed 2 hours ago or so... I will post a string of pings later... I have seen pretty consistent pings <35ms during tests... I don't think 35ms +-10 is much of a swing... If so then it must be built into all the servers and the swing limit must be ridiculously low, like 10ms or something equally absurd...-- I have written TCP network apps and my sense of what is going on is not latency but a comm failure caused by - what - ? Just got on a server after turning of
  4. Not at all... I am convinced it is DCS not playing well with this build and hardware config... Again, this is a clean build... DCS can at times see the server(s) and at other times not... However, it always sees the server when asking to connect and then 30 seconds later always cannot... This is rather odd...as if one part of the app can see the server but the other part can't...consistently.... And load times are not long (about 30 seconds) When failing to connect DCS is dead in the water...does not return to any menu and sits there waiting to be killed - that in itsel
  5. More often than not this is what I see...
  6. Most often it loads fine and then "Please Wait..." until it times out which takes about 15 minutes.. Only the developers know how this app's comm works... Why it should be so inconsistent must be a function of the design... I have no problems with other apps using the internet for communication... I will post images shortly...
  7. This just finished installing 2 hours ago on a clean windows install... System specs above...
  8. My guess is not too many takers because I am on WiFi... This is a clean (new) install of Open Beta downloaded last night... on a clean new Windows install.. AMD 1800X 16GB RAM AMD RX 580 7200 RPM HDD I have written network applications... If my application is installed clean and only intermittently shows servers, and just sits there not trying to connect then I'd want to know why... I realize it works on lots of machines but this is a CLEAN install of Windows and a new install of DCS... DCS is the only app not working correctly... DCS does not report any problems, it's
  9. Did a clean install of Windows ... Upgraded Internet connection... First run only installed F-15C module... No servers visible in list... Refreshed - no servers visible... Exited DCS and reran.... Servers now visible... Attempted to join one server with low ping around 70ms... DCS began to load and HUNG... Had to kill task and Windows said it was reporting "problem to Microsoft"... Reran DCS and clicked Multiplayer and again no servers visible... Refreshed and no servers visible... DCS can't seem to decide if it sees the internet...it flips a coin... I've had it... Too muc
  10. Did upgrades on network connection - increased bandwidth by factor of 4, latency consistent and low... Still no connection possible to ANY servers... All servers show in list but cannot connect to servers even with under 100ms ping... Observed no network traffic after loading completes, there are packets sent and received when "join" is clicked, but when loading is complete there is no communication at all... This must mean something...as DCS is loaded and ready but no communication attempted up or down.... This appears now to be a configuration problem? Why is there no communication
  11. Still no luck getting DCS MP to work... Now using Open Beta, no help... Will attempt new build at some point... Other apps have no problem...
  12. Did some network optimizations and was able to connect again to a server... Still not consistently however... The Persian Gulf Map fails to load when trying to join any server with that map - DCS freezes about 90% through the load process and must be killed in TM. PG map works fine in SP. The other anomaly ever-present is when having either joined a MP server or having played SP and then exiting back to Main Menu and trying to go back into MP that all servers are gone... Only way to get the server list back is to exit DCS and rerun... Lots of issues it seems with MP...
  13. Just reset a bunch of network settings... Got on one server but could not select "role".. Not having much experience getting on a server I don't know if that is "normal" or not... When trying to connect to a Persian Gulf server (recently installed PG Map) the load process FAILS and DCS crashes - second crash so far today... When exiting the server that I did connect to and returning to the Multiplayer screen, no servers would display... Tried exiting the MP menu and going back in several times but no servers would display.. Closed DCS and then ran again go into MP and servers rea
  14. Tried that.. No help... BTW: This is a WIN 10 Build with latest updates... DCS sees lots of servers with good ping numbers lower than 100 and lower than 75... When trying to connect loads all files and just sits there <please wait> and finally times out sometimes after just a couple of minutes and sometimes after several minutes.. Then after clicking the OK or disconnect button it continues to sit there, doesn't return to the main menu and must be killed by Task Manager - this makes the MP part of DCS appear as an afterthought that isn't even fully implemented. One time it did crash
  15. Not an option, would have done it already... Not a problem with other MP games though...
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