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  1. Sorry sir, forgot to mention that we specialize in Flankers. I will be upgrading from SLI 970s to 1080 in the short term. Will see how performance/super sampling works out then.
  2. Yeah, I tried to super sample - DCS didn't quite like it, as others have reported. I am not convinced that hardware is the issue of performance, engine improvements may have a larger impact - although 1080 is around the corner, so if I need to switch from dual 970s to a single 1080 so be it. Squadmate is working on a project of retexturing gaugues. That may be the short term solution.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you found some useful information. To answer some questions and add a few more tidbits: - My specs are 3770 @ 4.5Ghz with 32GB of RAM and Dual GTX970s. - I spent some time experimenting with graphic settings as well as paid more attention to the FPS. Setting everything to LOW definitely boosts the FPS a bit, however once you are up in the air and away from cities/objects settings don't seem to make much of a difference. I ended up with setting my Textures to HIGH, everything else to either Medium or Low. Since Oculus tends to like 45/90 - in the air I tend to bounce around 90/45. - Flew a few combat sorties today. I found spotting targets within a certain envelope is actually easier than a 2D screen. Noticing movement with the added depth perception is huge, I was able to pick out aircraft quite easily against the sky/horizon. The ground gets a bit trickier - but not end of the world. The biggest issues I am having is lack of clear instruments and the HUD heading tape is a mess. - Tell you what, going defensive into a split S with a launch warning on you and seeing that ground come at you faster and faster as you kick it into burners... boy is it scary. - Oculus + iVibe (VRF) + Butt Kicker + HOTAS = immersion. I do have leap motion, perhaps when that gets more support will use that as well. - WANTS: Higher contrast and larger font cockpit and HUD = this will be a big success if we start seeing modders stepping up and making it happen.
  4. Hello fellow pilots, I know there has been plenty of these already, and I tried to read them all as I was patiently (sometimes rather impatiently) awaiting my Oculus pre-order that was placed 14 minutes after the store opened on January 6th. Today, it finally arrived - and I got to spend about an hour flying around with it. No, that is not an accident I underlined that bit of information on purpose. First of all to highlight that I haven't spent nearly as much time with the CV1 - but also to reserve room to change my opinions at a later time... treat it as a legal disclaimer if you will. This review is only concerning Oculus CV1 and DCS - nothing else, nothing more. (at least will try to keep it that way) Few more items to establish or tarnish my credibility. I am a member of 51st PVO Regiment, some of you might have heard of us, some have not - by no means do I want to act pompous or in any way offend anyone who has different opinions. 51st specializes in as competitive as you can get within DCS Air to Air combat, as such my point of view is heavily biased in that arena. I have also spent significant amount of time in the DK1 - so I wasn't coming in "blind" into CV1. Alright hope that was enough of an introduction... Day 1 with CV1 in DCS It is an amazing experience to look around the pit, and feel the depth and scale of the aircraft we fly in DCS. I would say it is the most gratifying part of heaving a VR HMD - you "feel" rather than see. Now, as you recover from the awe of depth perception what immediately jumps out at you next is the resolution (or lack there of). If you think about the numbers... they sound decent right? 2160x1080 sounds good right? Especially after DK1 experience - I was pumped about this for DCS. Unfortunately, it is still not enough for us - part of it may be addressed with introducing some sort of a zoom ability (it might help). To give you an idea: I was playing "guess the shape" of numbers to figure out my heading on the HUD. The HUD, where there is a high contrast - clean text. Now imagine how it is looking at instruments? If you haven't spent enough time to memorize the markings or can't picture the instrument with your eyes closed - you will have trouble... and I am not talking that it is impossible. Certainly, you can spend 20 seconds trying to figure out and read the dials - but by then you might as well eject. Remember, I am discussing this from a heavy A2A/PVP perspective. I believe there is room to improve here, whether through mods/textures or introducing some sort of a zoom/snap view feature. Oh, I only flew in current 1.5 DCS World... Performance - I had no issues here. I ran with settings nearly maxed out... before CV1, I had no issues running DCS at 5860 x 1080 triple 27" screens. Sure, there are some slow downs over cities and perhaps a bit of stutters - but I didn't focus on that this time around. Visuals - as some have brought this up already... anything outside of maybe a click gets really spotty. The added depth perception and low resolution severely detract from ability to spot and identify units. As you can imagine, big no-no for combat. I will be honest here - I didn't perform as much testing as necessary. So will have to get back to this one. Head tracking - superb. period. Field of view - Not there yet; best way to describe it - it is like looking through the binoculars. Your peripheral vision is not engaged, I feel like I get better periphery with triple screens. Freedom - Unlike TrackIR where your eyes tend to be glued to a certain screen and you move your neck. The ability to naturally move around both your neck and eyes is quite relaxing. TL;DR Yet another review, stating some of the same things from perhaps a different point of view. CV1 is a technological marvel, flying and enjoying the sim is inspiring. PVP combat might be out of reach. S! :pilotfly:
  5. Great job Flankerator! Thank you once more for putting in the time and devotion to the community. Congratulations Sweeper, well deserved recognition. Have had the pleasure to listen in on your comms and witness your flying in the short time I have been back, and it is worthy of being set as an example for all to follow. Also great to see Knight being recognized, outstanding performance! I was quite literally shocked at how agressive he flew against us when I watched the tacview. Did not expect such audacity! It pays off to take initiative and keep it in a dogfight. Good stuff! Frostie will be hearing about this for a long time ;) Last but definitely far away from least... Wizard and Omny. These guys are out of this world! We have had the honor of flying with them for a few years now. No matter the task, the difficulty or how neglected we leave our bombers... they get stuff done. I swear it inspires me to watch these guys go to work. Major kudos to this pair! Here is to many more fun times, great fights and outstanding comraderie. Cheers!
  6. For some reason the track by Maverick does not have me present at all. I ran my local track, and below are the screenshots from the ACMI.
  7. @Leonski: I reviewed the tacview, the timing and location seem appropriate for one of my splashes. I was sorted on you, with X-man providing cover. You were on the deck maneuvering, while I came down on top of you from angels medium. I believe R-73 was what splashed you in the end.
  8. My god, what a horrible idea.
  9. Going to quote my own reply from a similar thread. The start brake engagement is not quite digital but close to it. The pilot does not have feedback/control as to how fast/intense the brakes are applied. The release is near instant. As mentioned above, the brake lever on the stick is used only when lined up for take off.
  10. Can someone zip up just the theme and music for the 27 and throw it up here?
  11. The SU-27 is equipped with both pedal actuated brakes (main braking) and stick mounted brake (start brakes) of course there is an emergency braking system as well. The difference is the pedal actuated brakes provide 105-120 kg/cm2 pressure and can be used for differential braking, while the start brakes provide 175-220 kg/cm2 pressure allowing to hold the aircraft still at higher engine RPMs applied uniformly across the two main wheels.
  12. Different schools, different mentality. As a pilot, you tell the airplane where to go - not the other way around. :smilewink:
  13. Увы данный ответ не отвечает ни на один из выше заданных вопросов.
  14. В игре появилось так называемое "переключение РУСа на Триммирование" на Английском: "Stick to Trimmer Control Mode" это игровая реализация или данная функция действительно существует на Су-27? Как работает кнюппель триммирования на настоящем Су-27 при зажатом положении он отрабатывает постоянно? или нужно нажал-отпустил-нажал-отпустил? Спасибо.
  15. Because they are meant to be enjoyed regardless whether you joined at the start of the mission, in the middle or the end. Missions with active timeline are normally run in a controlled environment i.e. multiplayer event with a set start and stop time, coop mission with a group of friends etc.
  16. Тема для ошибок Русской кабины: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=130724
  17. Спасибо! Спасибо! Так же на Аирваре есть пару РЛЭ 21ых РЛЭ МиГ-21УМ РЛЭ МиГ-21ПФ (тоже самое что в вашем линке только в JPG формате)
  18. Ребят, есть ли у кого настоящая РЛЭ по 21му? Хотелось бы по ней учиться - а то документация страдает... Заранее спасибо!
  19. As the title says, this thread is to report any misspelling present in the Russian cockpit. 1. Switch RV19 currently reads РВ МПН should read РВ МРП which stands for РадиоВысотомер Маркерный РадиоПриемник 2. Lamp RV70 currently reads ЗАЖИГ. БИКЛЮЧ. should read ЗАЖИГ. ВЫКЛЮЧ. which stands for Зажигание Выключить 3. Tooltip for LH60 cover is in English should read Защитная крышка - Сброс Ускорителя ---- Please double check all of my findings before fixing - I am relying on documents/images that may also be incorrect. Hope this helps, -Sov13t
  20. I do not experience any FPS issues when playing SP or MP. Thus, the different thread. However, whenever I am the one hosting the server and have other friends in MiGs. The moment I turn on the battery in my MiG the FPS drops to 1-3. Turning it off, restores FPS. To give a general idea, I cap my FPS to 30 in DCS - and it doesn't dip below 29 ever, running at 5860x1080. Hope this helps some sort of debugging process.
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