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  1. Thank you! You mean the default kneeboards that come with the maps? In theory, you can try marking their "Kneeboard" folders as "read only", and removing the writing permissions. Although I'm not sure how the updater will react to this. Personally, I'm running a batch file after the each update, that empties these folders (and also fxo, metashaders, and other garbage).
  2. Hi! It's already there: both in the checklist, and in the departure kneeboards: While the NATOPS doesn't explicitly say what power should be used between 44,001 and 44,999 lbs, I picked the lesser value for safety reasons.
  3. Hi, it's on hold until ED finishes everything on their end (ARC-210 and so on).
  4. I would love to, but first I have to learn the module
  5. Alrighty, I solved my problem (at least temporarily) by clearing Nvidia shader cache folder, as explained in this post.
  6. Yeah, it might be something on my end, like a bad Nvidia driver for example (I'm using the latest version). I'm thinking of replacing this tower (and other "faulty" objects) with a dummy model, if someone can provide me with a basic instructions.
  7. Eduardo, thanks for a quick response! But I'm still having the same crash I'm gonna remove my other mods and see if that helps. Update: I removed everything except the VPC mod and the fake lights fix - it still crashes on this particular object.
  8. Everything was working fine in the 2.7.0, before the last two patches ( and But now I'm getting constant crashes when trying to use VP-LIGHTING TOWER (either as a static object, or as a fortification). The crash happens both in-game and in the ME, and is not instant - sometimes I'm able to select other objects or pan the camera around for a few seconds. Tried with both versions of Eduardo's luas (with and without lights). I have the fake lights mod installed. Shader cache cleared. Nothing unusual in the logs, except of tons of shader recompilation
  9. Hi folks! I just finished reworking a set of my older kneeboards, and thought I should create this topic, so you can subscribe to it for updates, ask questions, make suggestions, criticize, and so on All details and links are below. Don't hesitate to leave feedback, and happy flying! A-10C and A-10C II Kneeboard Suite >> Download from User Files This Kneeboard Suite includes a heap of pages densely filled with realistic checklists, HOTAS tables, RWR codes, ordnance lists and other useful things for both the vanilla
  10. Well spotted! I will move it into optional checks, and remove from the Quickstart page. Thanks! UPD: done and uploaded.
  11. After today's patch ( Open Beta - 20.05.2021) DCS doesn't even start (silent crash) until I remove the "FRENCHPACK_V4 CORE" folder. No problems with my other mods (and I have plenty).
  12. You're probably confusing Initial with Overhead. Overhead is already at 5 nm, and Initial is correct as is (3 nm).
  13. Sorry, I completely forgot to respond to that message. Thanks for pointing this out! Will certainly be fixed. I'm gonna rework the whole block by getting rid of the longitudes. Hopefully, this will give me enough space to properly explain different formats. And if that doesn't work, I will fall back to your mockup, as I really like how you highlighted the precise parts. EDIT #1: It worked: EDIT #2: Uploaded the new version. First post updated. @MARLAN_ thanks again!
  14. Indeed! Lazy me just copied this page from ED's manual without proof-reading. Will be fixed, as well as the "LNF / Landed nose first" line, thanks! "HAIL-R checks" and "Approach" are two separate parts of the kneeboard. The CHKLST page is needed to perform HAIL-R on inbound (landing weight). After that, you are free to change it to FCS, radar, FPAS or whatever else you think will be more useful during the approach. We don't have room to explain this, so it's implied. But nowhere in NATOPS it says that you need to verify the actual flap position using
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