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  1. Whew !!! during a moment, I thought your request was serious
  2. Real existence or mythic ???
  3. I gave the previous version, too many crashes without 2nd mission Use the command line in /bin folder : DCS_updater.exe update
  4. Let's wait the patch for test with new base
  5. I had the same crash, after a setting modification. Usually I think DCS restarts after a system setting change ... In this case, it did not restart ... Not sure that it's the same cause as that of the 2nd mission
  6. Ok, If anyone has a procedure for crash to 100% at the 2nd mission ... In my case, the craches are less frequent than before, it becomes difficult to search... (changing mission, terrain..)
  7. On different sites, we can read: don't use the currently latest version (at the moment that'd be v20161101), it's bugged. Use the previous one instead (at the moment v20160818upd1). Without ever succeeding to know what bugs ...
  8. It would be nice to have other feedback on page file settings, Today again, no crash after several mission changes....
  9. I do not have any what you describe, perhaps related to the firmware of your equipment. The only problem encountered is the Trim that is not zero in 'start in flight'
  10. You do not need to re-flash the firmware 'MMJOY2' for change the VID/PID, When the stick is blue : - Load sets from device - Change your VID / PID and the Name - Save sets to device and that's all unless you have already flashed another firmware, in that case, you must redo the complete procedure pro-micro-firmware-instructions.pdf
  11. If you use MMJOY2, why not change the vid / pid in this app ? Have you re-flashed the MMJOY firmware in your PROMICRO ?
  12. During start 'in flight', I noticed that the trim is not necessarily at zero, this automatically leads to a crash. As a precaution for all missions starting in flight, I make a trim RAZ at starting.
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