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  1. you star Alfredo! I selected to aim with TrackIR even though I don't own TrackIR and now it aims with the mouse! Has to be some weird code difference between the non-steam and steam versions. Thank you very much for the advise!
  2. Hi Alfredo. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not using track_ir. Could it be looking for a track_ir by default? I'd be surprised due to it working by default on my friends [non-steam] version.
  3. When I try to use the guns from the left seat: "M" - I bring down the sight "Rshft+] x2" - arm guns "Lalt+C" - select mouse look When I try to then aim with the mouse, I see the 3 rings crosshair within the little glass window and it moves within that as far as the edge. With my friends HUEY the whole unit then moves (pivots) to where you look. With mine, once the crosshair reaches the edge of the sight, you just look further but the sight doesn't pivot to where you're looking. I can't find a way to get this moving. In my friends, it's on by default but on mine, which is through steam, it doesn't seem to work. Any help appreciated. Hope that's enough info.
  4. Hi all I just bought the Huey in the steam sale and am trying to setup the joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro). I have a few questions that I can't seem to find easily here on the forum so thought I'd ask here. When I go in to the options/controls section and then to the axis commands, it wont let me change the flight control collective at all. If I double click it, it does nothing. Any idea why this is the case? There seems to be a strange difference with the joystick options, depending what I try to run and the top lever thumb control to look around the inside of the Huey. If I go in to some missions, I can use the thumb stick. However, if I go in to most training mission it's not working, yet does work with others. Likewise, if I go in to a campaign it doesn't work either. Is there a reason for this that someone can help with? Setting up the joystick to work properly seems a royal pain in the arse and any help would be grateful :) Does anyone have a profile I could install that's current for that joystick? Thanks in advance!
  5. I bought the huey in the steam sale. Very excited but struggling to set it up to fly sadly.
  6. I just got the Huey in the steam sale but am struggling to get the joystick to work properly. I can't configure the slider to be for the collective. I double click that one item and it does nothing. All other items it brings up a box so I can select a variable but not that one - strange. Lizzard, where can I find that campaign please?
  7. It would be cool through steam mainly as an outlet for a huge audience :)
  8. I got my copy from GAME. They were doing it with free shipping :)
  9. totally hope they are integrated.... :)
  10. When I work out how to fire weapons, I'll give it a go... thanks :)
  11. only if you join the DCS UK Social Group :D is it even possible to make the large air cones that you have to fly through in a mission editor?
  12. Let's setup a Redbull Air Race Circuit ;)
  13. that's a fantastic and detailed review
  14. I'm in Derbyshire......:pilotfly:
  15. buy me TrackIR and I'll send you a virtual Photoshopped DCS certification certificate ;) :smartass::smartass: :music_whistling::megalol:
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