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  1. 2020, the bug is still alive - and is really annoying to train A2A stuff with my squadron...
  2. I added the trackfile above. Did you see what I mean?
  3. Yes, sure. Situation: Evil Red Pilot: F/A-18C Hornet Blue Test: Hornet, Tomcat, Viper The RWR from the Tomcat looks great, but the Hornet RWR and also the Viper seems to be broken (warning without STT at ~ 30 NM). Furthermore the missile follow the target... And my mate had the normal problems with the Hornet, can't see the target... Respawn and it works. RWR_Test-20191031-214905.trk
  4. Many thanks for your response, Harker. Maybe I choose a bad thread title, but the (RWR) problem is real. Briefly, I checked the issue with a F-14B Tomcat and AI Hornets. I could reproduce the result. The Tomcat, also Flanker, get the missile warning only when the AIM-120 B/C seaker get active (< 10 NM), but with the same firing distance (> 21 NM) the Hornet get the missile warning immediately (> 21 NM with a AIM-120B). No plane get first a STT lock warning... I will collect more data and will post it.
  5. Unfortunately, I do not see it that way. I know the difference between STT and the LTWS "lock", but when you watched my videos you will see the difference warning times between an FC3 plane and your F/A-18C Hornet. Short for repetition: Test1 (Hornet vs Hornet): BLUE fire a FOX3 with LTWS, RED Hornet get instant a missile warning (over 15 NM!) Test2 (Hornet vs chinese Flanker): BLUE fire a FOX3 with LTWS, RED Flanker get a missile warning later (> 4 NM)
  6. Hello there, today, incidentally, I noticed a problem with the RWR (LTWS fired Fox3, Visual Mode). Situation Testpilot BLUE with a F/A-18C Hornet use the LTWS to "softlock" testpilot RED also with a F/A-18C Hornet (test 2 with a J-11A) in a normal BVR setting. Once the two aircrafts are under 20 NM away, testpilot BLUE will fire his LTWS FOX3 missile (AIM-120B). Test 1 (F/A-18C) instant missile warning after launching one FOX3 from testpilot BLUE Test 2 (J-11A) late missile warning (> 4 NM) Ultimately, this problem is very impractical and unfair for competitive pilots. :pilotfly:
  7. Hello there, I can't use the TGP when I fly a (multiplayer) mission, where no one WYPT is defined for the Viper. So also when I try to save my first steerpoint it doesnt works (when the navcomputer is completly empty). Best wishes, Papa
  8. Hello, it is possible to play as a (main) GCI/AWACS with LotAtc on your server? Best wishes Papa Saubär
  9. Hey IronMike, thanks for your answer! short speech long meaning: After release it worked perfectly and now (since 3 or more version) not more. The TCS stucked on one target, you cant switch to a second target. I locked with the TID, or DDD the second target, but the TCS stucked on the first target (no matter which slave mode). That's wrong...
  10. Servus, falls noch jemand Bedarf an deutschsprachige Guides zu der F-14 Tomcat hat, kann gerne auf folgender Playlist vorbeischauen. Derzeit sind 10 Videos zu der F-14 Tomcat verfügbar, vom Quick & Dirty Startup bis zur Eingabe von Wegpunkten ist einiges dabei. MKG Papa Saubär :thumbup:
  11. Nabend, wir haben uns für folgende Slots entschieden: VF-103 ‘Jolly Rogers‘ - F-14B Tomcat Sq. VF-103 ... 103: Pilot: Papa Saubär VF-103 ... 103: RIO: Husky :thumbup:
  12. Super! Hiermit melde ich den Kameraden Husky (RIO) und mich (Pilot) für die Tomcat an. Genauer Slot klärt sich noch, vermutlich eher Deep Strike, abhängig ob Lead/Wingman Wir beide sind auch auf dem Discord vertreten :smilewink:
  13. Hello guys, I recorded a short video clip to show my problem. When I press the pause button for my TrackIR 5 the view will go back to center (after few seconds). I haven't got the same problem in the other modules (e.g. F/A-18C)...:music_whistling:
  14. Thanks for your answer, but why have the RIO seat the electric fuze (EFUZE) settings? VT, Delay1, Delay2, Inst and Safe The ELEC FUSE selector knob sets the electrical fuse of the store to be released: • SAFE - Inhibits electrical bomb fusing. • VT - Sets air-burst mode at preset burst height for compatible stores. • INST - Sets instantaneous burst mode. • DLY 1 - Sets preset time delay 1. • DLY 2 - Sets preset time delay 2. The Mk-20 works perfectly with the Inst or VT option... Furthermore how can i penetrate a bunker with the GBUs? This bombs need a delay setting, but it is not full implemented yet. I tested that with Delay1 and Delay2, but the bomb explode on the top directly (without a delay).
  15. Hello guys, I recorded a short video clip to show my problem. When I use the AWG-9 to (hard) lock a target, I can see this target with the TCS. But when I lock another target, the TCS view will not change (no matter which slave mode). I believe after the tomcat release it works perfectly. Also I checked Jabbers video of the RIO IFF tutorial, TCS works perfectly...
  16. Hello guys, I recorded a shortvideo clip to show my problem. When I use the active pause to set sth. on the RIO seat, the trim will change full to backward or forward :music_whistling:
  17. Hello guys, we found a small problem with the repair function. In one mission we had got a damaged gear und wing sweep. After a "stomach" landing, we got a full heal but... Damaged F-14B, Wingsweep & Gear After Repair But with the repaired plane, we can't use our "healed" gear again. It's okay, but we can do this with the F/A-18C Hornet.
  18. Hello guys, Jester can't change the EFUZ e.g for the Mk-20 cluster bombs. The EFUZ have to set to VT for the clusterbombs, so it would be great if you can add this option in the future. Also we need the delay EFUZ option to smash some bunkers :thumbup:
  19. Yes! Very usefull option... :thumbup: it also possible to set this button (mouse) in the F/A-18C Hornet
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