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  1. Hello gentlemen, with frightened we had to find out that the F-16C and F/A-18C have a (RWR) STT/Missile Launch Warning problem. Once an AIM-120 was fired from an F-16C/F-18C at any A/C (F-14, F-16, F/A-18C) using STT. If the target receives only the SPIKED warning from STT, but no Missile Launch Warning indicating that the PRF from the A/C radar has changed, any RWR should indicate this. If the missile is 8 NM away from the target, the target will get the PITBULL warning as usual. This bug eliminates the need to use TWS/SAM mode against single targets. Due to SATAL and other PvP events, please fix this bug quickly. Thanks a lot! Trackfile F-16C vs F-16C, both fire a FOX3 with STT at 20 NM, and get the Missile Launch Warning/Pitbull definitly too late. GTAG_Training_38_noCV-20201022-211323.trk
  2. For the reasons mentioned above, we are withdrawing participation with our 3rd team.
  3. GTAG Squadron I [GTAG] Papa Saubär [GTAG] Gozar71 Reserve: [GTAG] Night Raid [GTAG] Ice See you in the sky!
  4. I check my first System without shadows First Setup i9 9900kf @5 GHz, RTX 2080Ti, 32 GB DDR4 SUPERCARRIER Looks terrible, but instead of 60 FPS, I now only lose 10... HWMonitor2 SC no shadows, 1. Setup.txt
  5. Some test carrier start with stennis and supercarrier, this missions are from ED. All with the newest version of DCS and cleared shaders and caches. First Setup i9 9900kf @5 GHz, RTX 2080Ti, 32 GB DDR4 Settings STENNIS SUPERCARRIER Second Setup i7 8700k, GTX 1080, 32 GB DDR4 Settings STENNIS SUPERCARRIER I lose a minimum of 60 frames per second for both systems. HWMonitor1 SC, 1. Setup.txt HWMonitor1 SC, 2. Setup.txt
  6. I hope you could take at least a fraction of the time it took me to spot the bug at all. The missing PPLI is independent of the mission setting (SATNAV On / Off). SATAL_2019_KRAS-VODY_test.miz is the last SATAL 2019 mission and the SATNAV setting is: In order to present the problem again, I built two test missions. Please check the trackfiles with my "workaround" - for the mission with unrestricted satnav. The mission must be tested in multiplayer with at least two players. Setting for F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_OFF.miz Setting for F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_ON.miz Please review and reconsider. Thanks! :thumbup: F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_OFF.miz F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_OFF-20200508-191423.trk F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_ON.miz F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_ON-20200508-191555.trk
  7. Also interessted, E-mail sent weeks before, today PM sent. Thanks!
  8. I found a workaround for the PPLI problem. Both A/C have to set GPS TIME to OFF. For the BLUE side the TIME is invisible. SATAL_2019_KRAS-VODY_v16-20200506-193728.trk
  9. I was the lucky guy in the Ka-50. Very good shoot my friend! It was a pleasure to fly against you. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Attcq6zW0_Fbi9IsiBXy7jrrx74XJw?e=7OhW5e Maybe someone has the opportunity to create something from the attached track file.
  10. Hello gentlemen, We frequently noticed that in the DL/L16, the wingman PPLI and in turn the sort lines did not work in the Viper on the RED side. Please, have a look at the screenshots. Every time, the 2-Ship F-16C spawnend as a group, with hot/cold or airstart from both sides, but it didn’t work only on the RED side. My wingman was a human player, but with a KI wingman the PPLI works.. I also double checked the MIDS and the DL Page on the DED. Airstart RED Airstart BLUE More Screenshots Furthermore, the DL time is not available on the BLUE side, but it is for RED Maybe it is a problem from the E-2D? On the 104th PvP server it works for the red side, but they are using E-3A. Thanks! :thumbup: Trackfile: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Attcq6zW0_Fbi9E9aHWigIOGRNdn4A?e=wlqcUx (File is too large for the upload here) SATAL_2019_KRAS-VODY_test.miz
  11. Hello gentlemen, today I checked some weapon values to compare the main A2A Weapons for SATAL: SD-10, AIM54A MK47, AIM120B and C So I figured out that the AIM-120B and C haven't got a ccm_k0 value (Counter Countermeasures Probability Factor), something missing maybe? "X:\DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts\Database\Weapons" SD10 have 0.15 AIM-54A MK47 have 0.5 factor and other ... I would like to know how low the factor is. Thanks! :thumbup:
  12. Dear Gold league participants, To support Moltar, having a fair and balanced competition, we launch a document to him, discussing missiles and minimum abort ranges, based on facts we found out in several test runs. We did this in private, because we revealed some numbers, which are quite useful in a competition and therefor like to keep to ourselves. He recommended anyhow, to discuss that issue in the forum and, if we get the majority of teams behind us, he is willing to change the rules according to our recommendation. Here is now the letter we wrote with some blacked-out numbers: See PDF file before you read on. From the allowed weapons in the gold league matches the SD-10 is the longest stick, followed by AIM-54A MK47 and in third place but with quite a margin the AIM 120 B. A 120C would rank between 54A and 120B and would close the gap a little bit. You may ask, how easy are these active missiles to notch in comparison? Well, the answer is: If a missile is later pitbull (meaning shorter distance to the target) and at higher speed you have less time to react and missile has more maneuvering potential. Of course, velocity gate of the missile and chaff resistant also play a role. If that is assumed close to equal, the longer stick will be as well the better missile against notching targets. Again, no reason to ban the AIM120C. All we ask for are logical and comprehensible rules, based on facts and not on feelings. If you come to a different result, again, based on facts, please let us know. Otherwise we vote for a change of rules to allow 4 x AIM120C per aircraft. Moltar_WPN2.pdf
  13. Hello gentlemen, today I figured out that the new added timer for the HUD have got a simple problem. As soon as the Viper no longer has any FOX 2/3 missiles (when Skosh), the timer disappears instantaneous. From the Changelog: "DCS F-16C by ED Active (A) and Time to Impact (T) for AIM-120 Errors - Fixed" Screenshots Thanks! :thumbup: Test_Timer.trk
  14. Hello gentlemen, today I found out that the TWS mode doesn't support the FOX3. So when the enemy is starting to crank (and the Hornet hold the TWS lock). The missile should change their direction (not perfect lead, but left or right a little bit). I was in the F-16C and get suddendly a "Missile Launch Warning" and a FOX3 Warning (M), but my mate in the F/A-18C doesn't lock me with STT... So please check this trackfile please. Thanks! :thumbup: GTAG_Quali_4-20200415-172006.trk TacView.rar
  15. Hello there, I checked the tag [CANNOT REPRODUCE]. I think it's a real shame that you don't even get an answer, even though you really tried to write and test this behavior. So I decided to build a short "Flameout Mission" and make new trackfiles and short youtube clips. With these material everyone could see the wrong behauvior that mvsgas also described. EPU NORM, after WoW goes off. EPU ON, after WoW goes also off. Please review and reconsider. Flameout_F-16C.miz Flameout_F16C_Track.trk Flameout_F16C_Track2.trk
  16. Thanks for your answers guys! I didn't know the reported bug, which mvsgas posted. I used the search function. The EPU should stay alive, especially when the switch is ON (not NORM).
  17. Hello gentlemen, today I tested official "Diversion Decision". After a 52 NM (400 LBS) and 113 NM (800 LBS) flight I lost my engine and the electric, so the EPU should give me my electric back, but it doesn't. Although the EPU switch is set to NORM (or later to ON), the EPU is not (auto or manual) started up. EPU Control Panel The EPU is a hydrazine-powered, self-contained unit that can provide emergency hydraulic and electrical power for about 10 to 15 minutes. You would most often use this if you lose your engine, and the EPU would provide power to the hydraulic and electrical systems. (from the Manual, Page 31) For example: Fuel State 0, Engine Shutdown, EPU should go on, but it doesn't. EPU Fuel State 100%, EPU Switch NORM/ON. Trackfiles Downloadlink: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Attcq6zW0_Fbi89iWFj-g6G_GUeo4A?e=CWbIUN ...Test2, 52 NM Flight, EPU Mode NORM ...Test3, 113 NM Flight, EPU Mode NORM and after shutdown to ON Thanks! :thumbup:
  18. The F/A-18C HUD has got the same problem like the F-16C Vipers. Here the original post from FrM | Raph https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4282929#post4282929 I uploaded the track and TacView files there https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=232278&d=1586690110 https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=232277&d=1586690052 Thanks! :thumbup:
  19. We saw the same problem, also the DLZ from the F/A-18C is quite wrong. I found this bug report, so I add our track and TacView Files. :smilewink: Furthermore it would make sense to use the official names for the HUD: vs. R_Aero also miss for the F-16C Viper. Thanks! :thumbup: DLZ Trackfile.trk DLZ TacView File.rar
  20. RED Forces [G-DCS] Papa Saubär [G-DCS] Rightstuff [G-DCS] Requiem [G-DCS] Wayan [G-DCS] Bishop_DE Edited: [G-DCS] Tiramisu Option 2 (with Gazelle L), please. Thanks a lot! *from German DCS Community https://discord.gg/VDs3Xbs
  21. That's true, mate "An AIM-120 AMRAAM will guide on the bugged target even without an STT lock." Maybe I have to do more test, but I didn't see this point (from the manual) "TWS, when combined with the AIM-120, provides a powerful ability to engage multiple targets quickly. Nevertheless, the target tracking reliability is less than that of SAM and even more so than STT." Otherwise I can of course be wrong ... then I'm sorry
  22. Hello gentlemen, I have noticed for a long time that something is wrong with the SAM mode. So I decided to start a small test. The red guy used only the SAM mode to fire FOX3 at and below Rmax and started cranks. The blue guy used the TWS mode to fire FOX3 at and below Rmax and started cranks. Both guys hold the "lock" (SAM and TWS). I figured out that the FOX3 missile get support information and change their flight path (before PITBULL). I am sure that was not your intention, but please check this problem. Thanks :thumbup: P.S.: I uploaded the trackfile on OneDrive, please look at the last match, to check the issue. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Attcq6zW0_Fbi8xPNnFU0dK8oxPCsg?e=KPsfXZ
  23. League: Gold Squadron Name: German Tactical Air Group Discord: https://discord.gg/T5dWHQH Contact person: [GTAG] Papa Saubär Aircraft Selection. F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14B, JF-17 Pilot Roster: [GTAG] Papa Saubär (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Yannick "Pancake" (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] gozar71 (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] ari (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Cptflash (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Night Raid (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Rightstuff (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Bushmann (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Bishop_DE (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Tiramisu (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] bavella (Germany +2 GMT) [GTAG] Eagle (Germany +2 GMT) GTAG Logo
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