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  1. Vorstellung German Tactical Air Group Wer wir sind Wir, die German Tactical Air Group sind eine Gemeinschaft von gleichgesinnten DCS-Piloten aus dem deutschen Sprachraum, die sich enthusiastisch auf das Thema kompetitiv Air-to-Air („A2A“) konzentrieren. Dadurch gehören wir zu den wenigen DCS-Communitys, die sich fast ausschließlich dem virtuellen Luftkampf widmen. Wir sehen wir uns nicht als "normale" Staffel, sondern eher als ein lockerer Zusammenschluss von Piloten aus den verschiedensten deutschen und internationalen Staffeln und haben aus diesem Grund auch kei
  2. Hello, unfortunaly with 2.7 i'm unable to capture any FARPs. I double check everything. Here for this example with no triggers the FARP should be RED not BLUE. Debriefing Log is correct, FARP captured but not on F10. Kind regards, Papa
  3. Hello Deka, today I figured out that the stations of the SMS page and Rearming tool are quite different. Maybe is that a desired behavior? A small luxury problem could be that you cannot see the difference between the GB-6, GB-6 HE and GB-6 SFW on the SMS page. Kind regards, Papa
  4. Thanks for your answer! It just feels to us that the AIM-54 continues to receive information. Unfortunately, F-14 trackfiles are more than modest, so you can't even see the AIM-54 in the shooter trackfile (and therefore its flight path). Our main problem is that with all FOX3 modules the bug/desync with the P-STT occurs. All other A/C or radar modes have a much lower desync chance. To solve this problem, I created another report.
  5. Hello everyone, we would like to report a bug that can be exploited even as an exploit. Reference: Problem: If a F-14 player manages to engage a target with P-STT, fires an AIM-54 and immediately turns out (does not support), the target dies with a very high probability of a desync, even if it changes its direction, altitude and speed significantly. In the best case he gets a warning 1 second before impact and is dead. Well the module is from HeatBlur and the weapons belong to ED, so I hope someone will take care of the problem. Unfortunatel
  6. Just did some more test. Results: 1.) Target Size Small/Normal/Large doesn't matter 2.) P-STT and break the lock manual doesn't matter 3.) P-STT tracking is still bugged and should be fixed soon 4.) TWS tracking works correctly Here the file: https://mega.nz/file/K1QmATiZ#9PUtBKhmNtPp9MZ21efRx6Omj9_OrJNm4xS_P_U66w8
  7. @simon3554yes sure, I will try some more. Stay tuned. I created this report to point out the problem. I hope someone will take care of the problem. Perhaps is Target Size XYZ also completely unnecessary, but surely we agree that desync is a bad thing. Today on the Blue Flag I noticed the following desync (14 NM!), again from a Tomcat.
  8. Hello gentlemen, I would like to report the following exploit/bug. How to reproduce: 1.) F-14 set target size to LARGE 2.) F-14 Jester target unlock 3.) switch to P-STT 4.) FOX3! 5.) immediately Break lock after Shoot (don't support!) and go out The Missile will find his target and kill him mostly with a desync from more than a mile! Record: 2.83 NM. It can't be due to the internet connection, at least on the shooter, since I had connected "locally" to my server. Trackfiles and TacView Files here: https://mega.nz/file/jg5gFIxT#wbLNiNSYPTIC63b6sltNe3iA
  9. Hello, today I test some radar stuff for the F-14 Tomcat. My idea: Lock a Target, switch to P-STT and kill the target, but sometimes Jester stucked at PD-STT and I'm not able to fix it. PD-STT P-STT.trk I try keybinding, toggle menu, silent and active radar again. Only a "respawn" work for me. It would be great if I can save the option, that jester have to lock targets with P-STT first.
  10. Render distance is below 43 NM independent which view settings you set. That means you can't see a Tomcat 45 NM, but suddendly below 43 NM.... I hope they increase this distance to see AIM-54 missiles launches earlier.
  11. Hello gentlemen, Today we had a long A2A training. We noticed the following behavior, as soon as the EPU (no fuel) kicks in, the items listed below are bugged. As you can see in the screenshot the Attitude Director Indicator is completely wrong. I am flying almost straight here and it shows me a very strong bank. Before I ran out of fuel, I made a sharp turn. In addition, the Attitude Bars are also completely wrong in the HUD. Trackfile I can not upload, because of the file size. But I'm sure that you can easily reproduce that. Bugged items: - Attitud
  12. Hello, today we found out that the datalink contacts are often not displayed on the radar page. It does not matter which setting you have made, if you fly out and in again, it often happens that the datalink contact is displayed much later on the radar page. Meanwhile the datalink contact is stable on the SA page. Thanks! GTAG_Testing_v3-20210131-192926.trk
  13. Unser erster Termin findet am Donnerstag, den 04.02 um 1930 statt. Anschließend findet jede Woche mindestens ein Training statt. Wer Interesse hat, dazu zu stoßen, kann sich einfach bei uns melden.
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