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  1. https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-lua-datamine I'll just leave this here.
  2. Agree, this isn't exactly secret, please ED fix this.
  3. AIs do not use different missile logic, afaik, AIs are just really bad at notching missiles. Ever watched a TacView of their idea of defense? They turn 45 degrees, fly in a straight line, and pop chaff about once a second, then go cold once they get the active warning. Try setting an F-15C to Ace AI and set you both about 40 miles apart, mach 1, head on, 30-40kft, I found that was pretty good practice, and you can choose to not fire to practice just missile defense. Players put you about 60-70 degrees off their bore, and then only chaff when the moment is right. AIM-120s also received changes in logic that made them somewhat more susceptible to chaff as well in the last few updates if I understood the changelog correctly.
  4. To answer your question directly, it's no longer possible to edit the parameters of missiles that are already modeled. The only way to do custom missiles now is to define them as new missiles, this is done most easily by using a mod aircraft and editing its "weapons.lua" file, or making your own depending on your level of proficiency. You just have to change the name of the missile, it can use whatever parameters you like so long as its name does not match an already modeled weapon. (Protip: "_" (underscore) and "-" (dash) are NOT interchangeable, and changing a "_" to a "-" would classify it as a "new" weapon.) Have fun. :) It's helpful to have access to an old 2.5.6 install for references.
  5. Very odd that it doesn't recognize your sliders AtlasR1se. Did you ever get that fixed? Uploading the profile I said I would once upon a time. This makes all the buttons on the X52 throttle quadrant into, well, buttons, usable in any game. I use them as modifiers. Technically you could make the wheel scroll up and down be buttons as well. I used the X52 software to right-click and change all the controls I wanted to change in mode 1 to "Fallback", then set Mode 1's "Fallback" to Mode 2. Then, under the mode 2 column, all the controls you previously set to "Fallback", set them to "Button." This may prompt you to assign a button to that button. It's possible to assign your joystick buttons to other buttons, but that's not the point of this. Just click the red X and it should then be set as an undefined "button." You can do this same process with any control you want to change. Hope this helps the X-52 owners still out there. There are dozens of us, dozens! I've had mine for over 15 years. If you're struggling with deadzones or 0 and 100% deadzones, go to Windows search and look for "Set up USB game controllers." From there, click X-52 Hotas -> Properties -> Deadzone tab at the top. You can right click in the deadzone fields and click "Unlink deadzones" for 0% or 100% deadzones, or if you need it to be asymmetrical (a little more deadzone to the left than to the right, etc.) Default1.pr0
  6. Some of us have a separate 2.5.6 install for references
  7. We already have "nothing." I'd rather have ANY fidelity SU-30 MKK/MKI than a Chinese Mig-21, personally.
  8. I would throw money at someone who gave us SU-30 capable of multirole ground attack (with precision guided munitions) and air to air.
  9. disregard this post, i'd delete it if I could. 2.7 made what I said more difficult than it used to be
  10. It does for me as well, because the majority of the functionality we amateur modders were using is gone. Most of the .luas we could modify are now encrypted somewhere.
  11. Personally I was able to fix this problem by using the software to make it a recognizable keystroke for DCS. I can't help anyone with the stick buttons as I no longer own the stick portion of the X-52, but I do still have the throttle quadrant and managed to set up a profile that made it so that the functions on the throttle which were previously bound to mouse functions (the mousewheel on the front, the nub and button under your thumb), and those which previously had no function (like the button with a circled i on it), are now functional as their own independent buttons on any game not just DCS. Opens up SO many modifiers. I will edit this post and upload my profile later.
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