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  1. this looks amazing
  2. Cant wait no more lol really looking forword to this one.
  3. Hi you will need to PM the person who makes them.
  4. Afternoon all any idea who is making this thanks
  5. looks amazing hope its out soon great work
  6. Thanks will give it a try
  7. Hi Guys im new to the AJS37 and loaded up for the first time last night in it all was running smooth untill i turned on the radar via LCTRL+P once that came on the whole sim started to really badly stutter to the point i crashed after lack of control is there any idea on this thanks.
  8. i have couple FC3 aircraft f15 and su27 and running latest version of dcs
  9. Hi all i have installed the F22 and F35 but when i select any of the aircraft nothing happens any ideas on what im doing wrong thanks
  10. Hi all just asking if its possable to sell your dcs account as no longer use it thanks.
  11. looks amazing mod thanks for the hard work you put into it
  12. Hey all do we have a solo turk skin for the f16 yet thanks
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