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  1. Thanks I didn't realise they changed the mission for the A-10C II, changing the time of day makes sense why the lighting is different :)
  2. Thank you Hive for pointing that out, that was my question. Why is there a difference between the two A-10C variants in visibility, is this a modification to make the A-10C II more realistic ? BuzzU - I use zoom
  3. When flying the A-10C I often use the 'Easy-East Georgia-Spring' instant action mission for refresher training, so I know this mission reasonably well. I have noticed when flying the A-10C II I can hardly see the two supply trucks until I'm practically on top of them, they appear to be a lighter grey and merge into the ground background, same for the Patrol (second target in mission). If I switch back to using the original A-10C the trucks are a lot more visible - very strange.
  4. I'm currently using the Stable version of DCS 2.5 but as someone has already posted this version has not been updated since December. I appreciate the Beta version will include some bugs but I would like to try some of the new features added during the Beta process since December. How can I start using the current Beta version of DCS 2.5 ?
  5. Many thanks for your feedback on the GBU-38. Its strange how some people have no problems using this weapon. I use the JDAM as per pages 563/564 of the A-10C user manual. The graphic of the HUD shows the aircraft at 6580 ft with the min and max carets far apart, this is how it was for me in the past but not now, at this height the two carets are barely apart. Thanks BIGNEWY, I hope the team look at this as a matter of urgency as its definitely floored compared to previous versions and I've been flying the Warthog from day one.
  6. Hi, I have just got back into DCS after some time doing other things. I always use the Easy-East Georgia- Spring mission for refresher training have been doing this for years. On waypoint 3 Patrol as Rockets seem to be useless I use one of my GBU-38's to take out a truck and all of the soldiers, then come back and take out the other truck with guns - always previously worked a treat. Now with the latest 'Stable' version GBU-38's miss every time. On waypoint 5 I use my wingman to take out the tanks with guided bombs - he dropped two GBU-12's and killed two tanks with direct hits then he u
  7. I recently got back into the Ka-50 Blackshark after a couple of years absence and was trying the Instant Action - Nevada - Shooting Range mission. We both sat in a Hover about 6 clicks from the target site and I asked him to attack ground targets. His response was to fly around me in circles at low level, firing of chaff as if it was confetti and then crashed into the ground :huh: This didn't give me a lot of confidence that the wingman AI has improved much during those two years. Just to confirm I am using the latest 'Stable version' of DCS World. Glen
  8. Hi I've just started getting into the Mark 9 Spitfire so bought the Normandy Map and WW2 Assets Pack for $60. I thought the pack would have at least come with a few missions, but nothing shows under the Missions tab other than two Caucasus missions which I already had. I know there is a purchasable Epsom Campaign but I'm a bit disappointed DCS haven't included a few more missions especially with the Normandy map - or have I missed something :huh: Glen
  9. I thought I had two versions of DCS on my hard drive, one 2.5 Beta and one 2.5 Release version, both in separate folders. When I click on the DCS 2.5 Beta icon is does not update to 2.5.1. If I go into the 2.5 Beta folder \bin and click DCS_updater it still doesn't update tp 2.5.1. How can I tell if I have a beta version of DCS World 2.5 installed ? When I load the beta version, the version number at the bottom right of the GUI says 2.5.0 15365
  10. That's how I remember it from previous versions. Never sent a recording before, I'll look into it.
  11. I have just returned to DCS since 2.5 Release came out and trying to relearn the A-10C. When trying the Unguided Bombs I select the MK82 and CCIP, but when flying straight and level according to the Attitude Indicator the dashed Projected Bomb Impact Line is angled to the left or right and not vertical. On page 538 paragraph 4 of the manual it says this only occurs when banked slightly, during testing I was definitely flying level. Is this a bug or am I missing something ?
  12. That explains why this problem is happening, Why can't DCS let the user decide which monitor they wish to use ?
  13. I have two monitors connected to my computer, one larger than the other so use this one for gaming. Since upgrading to Windows 10, DCS always opens on the smaller monitor (one monitor selected in options), prior to the upgrade it remembered which monitor was last used. Strangely no other game does this, they always open on the larger monitor which was used prior to shutting the game down. So I can't work out if this is a Windows 10 problem or DCS World.
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