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  1. For mission 3 the mission suddenly exits after I arrive at the tanker after a while. The score is 0 and I cannot advance. Is there any solution to that?
  2. At night you can see the 2D, rectangular image nature of the afterburner rings. The files need to be cleaned up in order to hide the artifacts around the ring. Else it looks like dirty rectangles. See attached files.
  3. Right click on the button instead of a left click. I seem to remember it works.
  4. Currently Jester only tells the position of the bandit. But in a dogfight when padlocked on the target, I don't see vital information like speed. Here a human RIO can help out by reading out knots. Jester could be helpful here too, in addition to saying bandit position by also saying speed.
  5. There is no voice over in mission 8. All missions up to 8 are fine.
  6. The defecting F-16 just won't land. I follow the instructions to the latter. I approach the airfield from the south, drop the gear and fly about 4000 feet over the runway. The defector mimics me, also dropping the gear, he just won't land! When I eventually land on that airfield, he just circles endlessly until he crashes into the ground. :doh:
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