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  1. The update got pushed by Ed. Somewhere HB announced it. The big Viggen update is scheduled for November as far as I know
  2. I'm looking forward to vaicom picking up the game. It just feels so great to just talk to Jester doing things and I hope I will be able to talk him on the Lantirn target as well, even so I would like it more to him picking target by his own and telling me where to drive him. That's the beauty of multiplayer. Suddenly you don't have to manage a 2 seater by yourself since you are having an actual Rio in the back doing all this work while I can have my feets on the dash and zip my ice cold coors light he provided. Long Story short, I never had any Lantirn mods installed, if someone wants me to move some precision mud, he either be buddy lasing or provide me a RIO, simple as that. But now, with my buddy Jester, that might change and I think it will be another marvel heatblur is providing me to enjoy the Tomcat for another couple hundert flight hours.
  3. Hand signs are a thing, even have some pages in NAVAIR. Think EMCON, you don't want to tell the bad guys that you are coming. Even if the radio is crypted, it is pretty easy to get position data on the chatting guys. So yes, a great thing, only not sure if I would see this hand signs flying in Vr. So, +1 even so if I most probably will find it kinda strange to initiate hand signs via key presses.
  4. Nochmal....Du leitest den "Sound" für den Buttkicker Amp auch auf Dein Headset.
  5. I see it this way, it is polite to introduce oneself if you are interacting with someone you met or want to do "business" with and this has nothing to do with mil - sim or not. It's not as you are asked to write a 50 page assay, but a brief introduction of who you are, what your capabilities are in DCS and what you like to do and expect from "the group". Basic human interaction which will be saving all from disappointment and wrong assumption. Oh, nobody has to be called Sir if you wonder
  6. Is this question still valid, or did you find a solution. I have the "tally wildcard" cmd incorporated, but would have to look it up how I did it.
  7. Wenn ich recht sehe hast du den buttkicker Eingang auf die G2 umgeleitet. Richtig wäre.... Dcs auf G2 und buttkicker, buttkicker nur auf buttkicker, wenn das Sinn macht. Ich habe bei mir voicemeter wieder de-installiert. Ich finde es verursacht mehr Probleme als es nutzt. Was an den buttkicker an Effekten geliefert wird langt mir.
  8. Thank you for the constant improvements !!!! If I may so bold, did you ever had the chance to look at the Tomcats wheels up / down timing. The "clang" for the wheels up comes waaay later as the actual wheels already retracted. Not sure at the moment for the down part, but up is definitely off by a greater margin
  9. Jesus, I'm too old for this world, I thought I had to watch the whole thing to get the information I'm looking for. Silly me, but I'm excused, since it is the fault of my parents teaching me to look myself for stuff I need /want.
  10. Not yet, might be developed later
  11. I believe the F-14 is already in there. I use the trainer once in a while to stay current and I don't think I edited the mission.
  12. Is it this? https://andres-shop.simshaker.com/jetpad-jetseat/52-vibrating-pad-simshaker-jetpad.html Was hoping it might help my brain accept the vibrating cockpit a bit better. I’d imagine it’s rumbling away almost constantly, free back massage every flight Yeap, that's the one. I think that pad is the next best thing to VR and I prefer it over a butt kicker Is there a tutorial how to do lofting? Mud moving is not really my thing, but it doesn't hurt to know how it works.
  13. I fly with a seat Matt. That thing gives some extra immersion and an addition to the shaking of the cockpit. Got also a bit kicker but that thing is off most of the time, since the seat pad is more than enough
  14. How are the settings on the PDCP? I believe that on one pic you have it on take off and on the other on cruise or a/a.
  15. Thank you, nothing the right announcement by you guys couldn't fix, so let's get it on. I almost start to believe, you guys enjoy the agony you put us in with this waiting game, the same way as doctor's and nursed enjoying to stick sharp and pointy objects into other people's body's. Just bored, but now back on topic.
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