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  1. Does anyone know if HB plans on modeling the ground power unit and air-cart, chalks, ladder, or builtin foot ladders and remove before flight tapes? If not it would be cool and im kinda surprised on such a detailed aircraft they are not there already.
  2. Dear HB I have noticed that the Anti Collision Lights on the Tomcat do not have a "Steady / Always on" feature like they do in Real Life. Also the Current "Flash" on them is incorrect as in Real Life they almost have a pulsing effect and do not really go "off" and then on. I have included some videos that show bot the A/B Tomcats with the Steady Mode enabled and the Pulsing "Flashing" Mode enabled Always on/Steady: Always on/Steady: Pulsing/Flashing: Pulsing/Flashing:
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