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  1. Hi guys, I own the Aviojet, F-5, F-14 and F-18 modules. I bought them all as I'm a huge fan of the Command strategy sim, and wanted to do a tour through aircraft that are vaguely related to each other in terms of ordering. I've got all the campaigns for each of them, and I know there's a huge amount of content for the F-14 and F18, so there's no issue there. My question really is, how can I get the most out of the Avio and the F5? I'll complete all the included content + dlc campaigns. I know the Avio will probably end up the least used but I'm sure I'l
  2. Hey all, I bought the F/A18C a month ago and have been learning it since. I think I'm ready to start with campaigns, so I bought the following: Aggressors BFM Campaign The Serpents Head 2 Raven One Operation Pontus Rising Squall I was wondering what order people recommend to play them in? I am guessing some are more beginner friendly - for example Rising Squall says it is easy at the start. Thanks.
  3. It's certainly not necessary, but it helps a lot in later career advancement when you start speaking with stakeholders! Have you been trying to get a job and can't then? Happy to offer advice if you'd like, like I said, I'm very involved in hiring engineers
  4. What an awesome, thorough response. Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to getting all this into muscle memory and being able to go online and be effective. Love this plane :) Thanks again!
  5. Hey all, I bought the A10C 2 and I'm enjoying learning all the systems again and play around with basic scenarios in the editor for practice before getting into campaigns. I haven't played DCS since 2014. I looked at the compatible campaigns available for the A10C 2 from the user files and paid campaigns, and I have: The Enemy Within 3.0 and from, the User Files, A10c Georgian Hammer and Operation Piercing Fury. Nested under the old A10C I have the following, which I must have bought years ago: Red Flag 16-2, Stone Shield, A10c Sturmovik, Basic and Advanced training q
  6. Hey all, I'm not ready to go online just yet, and was wondering, which of the above modules offer the best single player content in terms of missions, working well made campaigns etc? I'm hoping to get a lot of out a module in SP before I take it online. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone.
  7. Hey all, Loving the module but a bit confused. I'm practising intercepting ships but my radar seems sporadic. Situation is I put the radar into A1 mode, don't touch elevation. Fly anywhere from 100 to 300m on the sea. Approach from 90 miles down 10 miles. Sometimes the radar will pick them up, sometimes it won't. Can anyone think why this is? Thanks :) Nevermind. Solved it. Gain was down!
  8. Also very interested in this. I love the harrier IRL, grew up with books on it. But is the Razdam implementation bad?
  9. Hey guys, I own the Viggen now and I'm about to start learning it. I know I'm not going to be loitering like the A10, performing CAP like the F-16 etc, but I'm very interested in employing the Viggen against single targets on servers like Hoggit and Blueflag. Is it possible to set up targets and input them into the flight computer online or do these things need to be added via the mission editor outside of the sim, therefore meaning I can't do much with the viggen online? Thanks :)
  10. Thanks a tonne for helping me out here. Given what you're saying, I'm now reconsidering buying the G2. The new Microsoft FS2020 seems quite well optimised, so whilst DCS might be a struggle, maybe I can sustain a decent FPS on that with medium settings. Thank you :)
  11. Wow - that's pretty nuts. Cutting edge hardware struggling for 40fps. Is this an issue with the DCS engine, or just the power required for the reverb? I think on this basis I'll wait til mid next year and continue using the 34" superwide til then. Perhaps with new CPUs / GPUs and DCS upgrades it'll be easier to know what to buy. Thanks :)
  12. Hello guys, I'm currently flying on a 34" 100hz ultra wide which I love, having sold my Rift S. I loved the immersion of the Rift, but I didn't enjoy the clarity. The reverb G2 is coming out soon, and I'm tempted to pre order it now. The thing which concerns me is my GPU. I have a 2080ti, which whilst I understand is currently the best available, is going to become far weaker when the 30x series is released soon. My question is, will my system (RTX 2080ti, 32GB ddr4, 9700k), allow me to push the G2 at medium settings with some (maybe 1.3) ss above 45fps? 45fps I can manage find, I
  13. Hey all, I'm re-learning the KA50 now it has that beautiful cockpit in VR. Do the campaigns that come with it all work properly still? I know things tend to go out of date. Can anyone suggest any campaigns. and missions, paid or free that are good for this chopper?
  14. Hey all, I feel like I'm ready to branch into multiplayer in the hornet, and I'm looking for a group that takes things seriously and approach everything with realism. Can anyone suggest any groups? I've seen the squadron listings but it's hard to tell the good from the bad. Thank you :)
  15. The Hud in VR is far too high Hey all, For some reason even if I centre VR, the hud elements are projected too high. Even if I lower my seat all the way they're still too high. Is there an adjustment for this? Thanks :)
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