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  1. NON-WEATHERD has excellent DEFAULT LIVERY. :thumbup::thumbup: I've seen various weatherds on real fighters in airshow and pictures from af.mill (actually fighters are even more dirty), The expedition unit is even more very dirty (ex WW BOB livery) so I recommend the great livery from other users!!
  2. You can apply Roughmets, and normal to the other livery edit lua but if DCS going to update, it will rollback , exepct user livery
  3. Remake AAQ and pylon. Now all the textures dds on the f-16 have been remade and will be ready soon. It is a PSD file of Easypeac3. Thanks to the AAQ texture working was easy
  4. im upgrading my 64th livery but nose bort number get error texture (mess camo) any solutions? :( I made a custom bort for the 64th. This is a condition of offical livery and must be created
  5. OSB,YELLOW MARK, and some fixing now, 99% done im watiing for upload
  6. Who is interested in BLACK UFC ckpt? 99% complete. Works very perfectly in NVG and night floods Made a more deep and clear material with a new roughmet
  7. To edit the layer, you need to open the PSD template and edit it. Or open dds and duplicate the pixel with stamp tool directly
  8. updated user file check it !
  9. 122nd Fighter Wing "black snake" UPDATE #1 I'm making a new ROUGHMET of A-10C. Very effective New black snake nose art was created based on high resolution photography.
  10. if you have camo pattern , it yes :smilewink:
  11. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312984/ up
  12. stock default livery it is good as "Factory new"
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