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  1. 2019 RIMPAC VFA 34 DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/file/mHwBEQCI#ayQiDoUfNwTl5ymY5CAOrQKnQw4G3OiAhc7eb_q_ejQ Follow my post (sub your email) https://gumroad.com/lee1hy/p/dcs-f-a-18c-2019-rimpac-vfa-34
  2. nice super cool mod !!!!!!!
  3. RIMPAC I think it is close to the real color
  4. Fixed Afbner F18C_afterburn.dds
  5. Fixing Afbner now there is alpha error in night fly
  6. [DOWNLOAD] https://mega.nz/file/jfAHySLD#G7JOOM4TbsS3i4V9foNhO-9f68sfmLg5RiX2yNnRY_E https://gumroad.com/posts#new_post Subscribe to email! New Livery notic Please set gamma under 1.5 ( 2.0 is old shader. aslo its not factory default. very wrong and weird) this is just simple livery Hornet took a long time due to the lack of photographic material (please navy LOL) This is a gradual experiment i will continue to improve
  7. i have the same problem Patche getting worse
  8. NEW AFBER BUNNER Hornet now has a similar afterburner effect like the f14.
  9. 12288x12288 hornet texture seems to work very well I am consider which VFA is better. I am looking for a DECAL with a good resolution.
  10. im testing new livery this inculde new ATFILR texture and colors
  11. Super thanks !! im now upgrading and fixking day livery now
  12. VMA-214 DAY [DOWNLOAD] https://mega.nz/file/rWAUVRKC#yL36oo2RSpuL-3rniYAaUiFjaZ7qnkRUPL8cEaQY544 My livery subscription email here https://gumroad.com/lee1hy/p/marine-attack-squadron-214-day NOW AVALABIE !!
  13. I'm very pleased to find the refernce from the vf31 santa wish list. I have restored a part of the vf31 f14 history All the people who make livery of dcs f14 are not just the texture of the game, I would like to say "history researcher" may too overdose but its true
  14. lee1hy

    Norway F-16 [WIP]

    This beautiful Norwegian F-16 livery this is my first Euro F-16 I`m currently adjusting the color of the fuselage. If any avation or photographer, please advise on the color btw im accept donation of tiger art. (Left, Right) If you send high-resolution photos or decals to PM,would be grateful. Thanks !
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