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  1. Same here, when I start the "On devils edge" BVR Instant action mission for example on Syria a second time, DCS just quits to desktop instantly (no "DCS has crashed" or freeze). Edit: A few times I could go in a second time but after about 20 seconds the same happens
  2. I have a Index and can confirm it's amazing even at 250% SS I fly with. The saturation alone is worth it but the sharpness is also nice.
  3. This would be so amazing. Basically now I choose servers based of they support OverloardBot - If it could be implemented with using EDs API it would be even better. Especially for VR users like me, pushing F1-12 keys to request a Bogey dope is just a pain. You click the wrong one and you are in a Wingmen or whatever menu. And yes, there is Voice attack but OverlordBot is just so much more immersive, even If you just hear all the other players interacting with it.
  4. No, not the shader mod, Mustang's flat shadows removal mod ... here (Basically it allows cockpit shadows and shadows around your plane, like on the ground but removes mostly all other shadows)
  5. Same here, after this thread / video (thanks by the way, I guess many people like me were waiting for this !) I started a little tweaking again (including even cleaning my GPU cooler :lol:) yesterday since I basically have the same setup as OP had (Zotac 1080 Ti, same CPU, RAM, ...). I also tried Process Lasso again (did that several times but it never worked out) and my performance was about 5-15fps less. So I removed it like I did so often before and DCS actually runs better somehow. My CPU times are usually about ~15ms, so I wonder why his are so bad. Went on PGAW yesterday with about 3
  6. I used Kneeboard Builder after quite some time again to import parts of the Supercarrier guide. However, I must have forgotten to check some box or something, because Kneeboardbuilder deleted all my previous manually created png files in the F14 and F/A-18C, sadly I have no backup (wich is stupid, I know). Is there a folder where Kneeboard builder puts these files, my Windows Trashbin is empty. Not that big of a deal to find all the RIO stuff I had again but would be nice if Kneeboard builder would just paste them into the bin (or some folder), not delete them straight away.
  7. Doh, I didn't even think about that - of course I wouldn't have noticed when I was blacked out. I tried watching the track but it seems broken (as usual) since it looks I spawned without canopy from the start there but I think it sounds plausible I have to thank Jester for that. Oh well
  8. Hey guys, yesterday I tried some BFM against my buddy on the Dogfight server (I suck at it btw :music_whistling:). In one engagement, I briefly blacked out, but actually recovered without crashing. After that, the mirrors (like the actual 3d model) were missing completely, see the attached screenshots. I asked a few guys I fly with and they never heard of this happening.
  9. Ich habe das gleiche Problem, ich vermute mittlerweile es liegt an der Server Einstellung bzw. der Mission file die er benutzt. Bin ziemlich neu in DCS und will keinen friendly abschießen. Hatte z.B. erst neulich wieder zwei Flugzeuge die sich im close quarter verfolgt haben, ich wusste aber nicht ob der friendly den bandit verfolgt oder umgekehrt, bei beiden habe ich das "friendly" quadrat am HUD gehabt ... IFF und Datalink war ein. Bei einer anderen mission sind feindliche Tornado Bomber gespawnt und auch diese werden nicht als "Feinde" angezeigt, aber anhand der F10 map war eindeutig kla
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