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  1. The rs485 network is just a way to connect multiple arduinos over said rs485 network... One mega connecting as master to pc over usb and several arduinos (nano/uno/mega) as slaves connecting to the master.
  2. An easy possibility for expanding your ports for dcs-bios would be a rs-485 network. Have a look here:
  3. Have a look at the flightpanels fork by blacklibrary: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios
  4. I cannot answer all your questions, but a few: You can use a mega as a slave, although people seem to have problems with certain brands. Sadly i dont know which. My chinese megas work fine. For DCS-BIOS over rs485 you need a mega for the master because it has 4 UARTS (one for the usb connection and one up to three for the rs485 busses), whereas the nanos and unos only have 1. You can use more buttons on a nano if you use a button matrix. This works best with momentary pushbuttons. I think there is a way to use latched switches in a matrix but i did not figur
  5. Try it like this, your matrix shares both pins of the on-off-on switches on the same column. This can not work.
  6. For DCS-BIOS the way of connecting all is RS485. Watch here: You need a master (must be a mega) to which the slaves (nanos, unos or megas) connect over Maxim max487 chips. A warning : do not buy the cheap chinese max487 from ebay; i bought a pack of 50 for 9$ and only one survived my testing phase. I bought the next batch from Reichelt for 2€ a piece, and none have failed me since then.
  7. You can use 8 axis in mmjoy, in the assignment column you can choose from X, Y, Z, rX, rY, rZ, slider and dial. I dont think they have different behavior, its just names. Try it!
  8. Mea culpa... Thanks to both of you for outstanding work!
  9. Now i feel really stupid, because i wrote so and deleted it because the thread about mmjoy here and in simhq was started by sokol... me<---double idiot
  10. https://sites.google.com/site/mmjoyproject/fajly-dla-skacivania Edit: me<---idiot
  11. Oh I see you are using version 20151118, maybe you could upgrade to 20160818 (recommended by sokol, who wrote this program). You would need to upload new firmware to your board. Or you just test the "switch" setting?
  12. For a quick test I have hooked one momentary push-button and a toggle (on-on) to my test-device. I set them all as button(norm) and they show up in windows joystick control fine.
  13. I think you have not assigned any of your buttons in the right side of your first screenshot. If the button-press shows up in the left side, hardware is ok, but you need to assign each h/w button to a button-number in the right side of your mmjoy-window. Dont forget to save set to device afterwards.
  14. You need special transfer sheet - there are different types for inkjet and for laser (if you have a thermotranfer printer this would be the right one) and both come in clear or white background (the usual printer cannot print white!). After printing you need to seal the print with special formula like micro liquid decal film. Maybe you know someone who is into scale moddeling and ask that someone for help?
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