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  1. Mines come but sat in it's box as i've now got no GFX card Previously had a Rift S which was a low rez blur fest. Cant wait!!
  2. It did ask if I was sure but I was fiddling with trackIR or something. Bollocks.
  3. How do I restore progress? Can i undo? Recover a deleted file? ...don't want to do all that again!! :(
  4. I am relearning the new hog after years away and am determined to crack the CDU this time with regards creating waypoints from JTAC calls, etc. After finding a few great YT guides I can now enter BRA offset, L/L and UTM co-ordinates. What I can't do in my simple training mission is reliably get allies to call out BRA positions for ground targets I've placed. In the campaign the radio chatter is all over it with multiple BRA calls for air defense and armour targets. Who is making these calls? Allied flights or ground forces? They all have the same voice actor in DCS so its hard to d
  5. So its just needs someone to adjust the array order? That's like 1/2 an hours work. Surely.
  6. 3 x radios allow between 36-76mhz / 116-152 mhz / 225-400 mhz.....So.... 4.25??
  7. Fixed with clean install. I'm sure it was just a rogue .lua file but I'd not done a clean install in years and it was due. Now back to re--re learning the hog :)
  8. Cheers man. Tried all that but no joy. Uninstalled the lot. Cleaned registry of all DCS fluff so will reinstall once desire to buy a console has subsided :)
  9. Nope. Never heard of it. Might delete it and run repair? Is that a dcsupdater.exe switch? File might have borked during install.
  10. Can confirm I am in A-10C II real settings "HOTAS TMS Forward" highlighted in red. Cleared and re-added. Made no difference. Tried key combos and they work fine. I can Point track and set SPI using keys Checked stick TMS DX functions in control panel --> game controllers and working fine. DCS lets me remap TMS FWD in settings but does not work in game. (checked flying A-10c II in mission editor). Will verify other modules tonight.
  11. I'll try again tonight making special note of what key bind section I'm in.
  12. Anyone else seen this? Works in dcs controller page but does bugger all in game. I can’t hook on tad, or point track or create spi in tgp. Very odd.
  13. Thought it was me being a dipstick. Used to the hornet. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Since last patch i can now actually see the DDI's again without the Enola Gay rear view mirror glare. However, now the Maverick has gone from green screen to......black. And i've upped gamma all the way to 3.5 and its still midnight in maverick-ville no matter the time of day. Any workarounds? I can still lock on to targets but SA, without a FLIR loaded is near zero now.
  15. Was just about to ask same thing. Been away from DCS and missed last weeks kerfuffle. Jumped back in the hornet and i cant even read the MFD's!!! I can spot a mh-60 from about ten miles way for some reason and the carrier is covered in red lights from a distance. What a messed up series of patches!
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