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  1. I noticed on a few missions that when I launch a missile, it automatically switches to missile view and I have to F1 to get back into cockpit
  2. In addition to the above mentioned labels issue, I took off and intercepted the Su-30, destroyed it and hung around the waypoints for a further 15mins with repeated calls to DARKSTAR and skies are clear, only to be told on my way back that the mission failed as my target was not destroyed !!
  3. Thx it’s a workaround but I use it with Voice Attack for quickly jumping to different prescribed pages within the knee board. Will hopefully get sorted soon as it should be a quick fix
  4. So I found the issue, I had bound F13 key within Vaicom for Radio 1. So everytime I transmitted on Radio 1 it took a screenshot. No idea what F13 has to do with taking a screenshot but putting in a different key solved the problem. Thx for everyone’s comments
  5. I had screenshots going back 3 yrs so it has been happening for a long time and I just never noticed. I will try and check different module tomorrow and report back
  6. I did check this but the only key assigned for screenshot is the PrintScreen / SysReq button, which I don’t use for any other key binding in the game
  7. What I’m picking up with your follow on post is that we are not taking full advantage of the ‘dynamic’ element and we are just following the XO tasks which as others and myself are seeing are repetitive SEAD even though there is nothing to attack when your in the air. There also seems to be a severe lack of opposition aircraft, often I see 5 or 6 allies attacking one poor MIG, not sure why but there never seems to be allot of RedFor aircraft in the area. However as you point out there are large numbers of ground units which we are not equipped to attack with our current strategy. So I need to
  8. I noticed I was using allot of disc space and on investigation I found that there was almost 40GB of screenshot files in my saved game DCS screenshot folder. I deleted them and then flew a mission and noticed that DCS was taking a screenshot almost every minute, this is all in single player mode. Any idea why this is happening and how to stop it.
  9. The co-ordinates are 38T KN 58210 10388, this is also over a Warehouse
  10. This is what I saw, I’m assuming this is the circle you mentioned above, however the co-ordinates are nowhere near this position, I’m talking > 10miles away
  11. In Mission 4 I need to strike a warehouse which houses some bad guys, the circle in the F10 map in debrief and the given co-ordinates are 2 completely different locations, which one takes precedence ? They both appear to be warehouse type buildings ?
  12. I see exactly the same issue e.g when called Awacs to check in I get the call but the info is over the menu and I've got to wait until it disappears before I can enter the code
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