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  1. SkateZilla's DCS Updater Utility Been using this Marvellous piece of software for a while now, excellent, since a few updates ago Skate introduced notifications that appear in the windows Notifications bar. Is there anyway to stop these are they are bloody annoying? Like I click Launch, and a notification tells me I have launched DCS, which I have to then clear as I am a little anal about tidiness lol Thanks Specter
  2. I completely agree. Bugs and things can be worked out later, it looks from the videos that the PFM is working so this should be released into Early access IMPO
  3. Hi Skate Just a few issues with your application which is awesome BTW. First when an update appears my program says its updating but just sits there and does nothing. Second: is there anyway to get rid of the extremely annoying messages that get posted into the windows Notification bar? I launch DCS, why would i need a notification to tell me that I have launched it? Thanks man Cheers Specter
  4. The head animation is reveresed when playing in MP, pilot looks left in his cockpit you see in MP he looks right
  5. The ball and chain method is just an easy way to get the bomb fall line to show and the weapon release to work at the right time. Currently there isn’t any other way
  6. What I have been doing is the following, tested last night I used CTLD JTAC although it doesn't matter which you use ok JTAC lases target with smoke Sensor select up to put the ball and chain on the HUD put ball near smoke and click the button you use to lock the target (Sorry at work atm) you can then slew the ground marker around, put it close to the target (Doesn't have to completely accurate. run in and release the bomb Obviously putting in the code for the LGB etc Works every time for me
  7. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the RAZBAM Simulations team! May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas! May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. As for us, we're closing shop until January 2, 2019, hope to see you all then! Ron Zambrano and the whole RAZBAM Family
  8. Hi All Flew a simple mission last night testing the GBU12s Pressing the Waypoint target designate should put a box round it, mine removed the words, so nothing there, Comes back if you pinky button. Cheers Specter
  9. I logged a support ticket with Virpil, they told me that this issue was resolved in 2 firware updates ago. I downloaded and flashed the virpil throttle and stick (stick because why not have the latest version) I still have the judder at certain points, however overall its better than it was Cheers Specter
  10. I am struggling with the placing the Bullseye over the WP also. Typical scenario Large scale mission Flight A comprised of 4 hornet takes off from Mozdock, and heads east to attack airfield Flight B takes off from Batumi and heads to Kobuleti to take that out where would the bullseye be for that? Thanks Specter
  11. Hey Chaps I am in two mind s as to what to do. When the Rift first came out I owned one for about a year and a half. Then due to poor image quality and not being able to spot targets for 10k up in the warthog i stopped using it, eventually selling it. I am hoping the Pimax will be the next big thing, I have heard that it is best used with the Vive sensors, so do I go and spend the dosh on a £500 Vive now and start flying VR again or do I leave it and see what the requirements will be. I really loved flying in VR, especially for the depth of field and the ability to judge speed extremely well. Thoughts?
  12. I have had the same issue from day one. Only notice it say when you are partly zoomed and left in that position so not sure if its an issue with the sensor or the software UPDATE: I just emailed Virpil support, lets see what they say about the issue
  13. HI Does anyone know if the Hornet will be able to carry multiple MAvs or GBUs per pylon, like the A10C? Seems a waste of a pylon for just one weapon Just curious Thanks Specter
  14. I completely disagree as this is a study sim, i want it as real as it can get to be honest lol :) If I wanted an Arcade mode i would fly something else
  15. I personally have just been using the move the Mav gate with the aircraft while its bore sighted, couldn't get much else to work to be honest
  16. Initial thread updated with exported Profiles StreamDeck_Profiles.rar
  17. Whilst I have been away I have had a couple of IMs asking to share the icons I created for my Stream Decks. So here they are: Pack Inclused both Icons for the FA18C and the Harrier Example how i am using them for the Hornet: UPDATE: I have also updated the exported profiles as requested Thanks Specter DCS StreamDeck.rar StreamDeck_Profiles.rar
  18. I am also using 16 but have experienced a cupped or blackouts for 1/2 a second be its recoverable
  19. I personally don’t have many issues with the harrier, certainly nothing that stops me flying the airframe and have a really good mission
  20. there is no need to use Target, just bind in the game, you can also use a modifier, which is what i did before getting the Virpil system
  21. Seems to be working as expected so far Wags
  22. I was having similar issues last night when taxiing to the runway, suddenly the aircraft would veer left as though someone was putting input into the pedals, It even did it when I was was completely hands off Thanks Specter server-20181117-165327.trk
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