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  1. I corrected late last night but unfortunately didn’t make it into the build for today’s release. So will be pushed out in next update if you wanted to correct this replace this file you could use Saved Games location for this which will allow to pass IC Thanks Specter MiG19_T4_RoughMet.zip
  2. From the documentation we have the flight curves are very close to the real thing. There are a few tweaks that still need to take place but other than that this is how the real airframe flys Thanks specter
  3. ED control the release dates mate so maybe want to ask them
  4. I’ll make sure Baltic dragon corrects this
  5. This can sometime happened with DCS. Try restarting DCS. It sometimes happens to me in the hornet. No idea why
  6. Hi all Today ED released the Mig19P stating that it was in EA, currently there are a couple of flight model tweaks to complete from new data, this is the reason why the EA label has been used. These should be completed in the next update of OB thanks Specter
  7. I will take a look but from the information I was given the skin is correct based on the livery
  8. First off. The KC135 in real life is not able to refuel wing pods and boom at the same time as there is a valve which can either be set for wing pods or boom Secondly the 135 doesn’t have any boom animation on it as we remove that because of the the real life operational limitation. So not sure which model this Thanks Specter
  9. the discord bugs channel was shut down because we didn't want to have to check 2 locations for the same information, Razbam already has a bug tracker, which can be viewed by the public. Please still submit your bugs, including the trk file in the normal way. Thanks Specter
  10. 99.9999% of the highlighted items have been resolved
  11. or you could just get 40k subs on your youtube channel and then you'd get it lol
  12. ill have a look at the model tonight and tell you where. Cheers specter
  13. my interpretation of Early access would be what the "YouTubers" have now. The ability to start learning the jet while other things are still in a WIP state. I personally wouldn't mind having the jet while the back seat is being worked on, it would seem that there is enough content currently (in the front seat) to allow people to have access to the jet. I also personally get a little annoyed that "YouTubers" get to have the aircraft before the regular people that have paid for it, like myself. but that is just my personal opinion. Thanks Specter
  14. Please can you make the manual available for download in PDF for people that don't want to continuously view in a browser? Thanks Specter
  15. As the title states, it would be really good to have the option of directing which audio device your radio comes goes through. Thanks Specter
  16. As overstratos said, the model used, while the actual cockpit model, which is used in the sim, I made some adjustments to allow the baking of the Ambient Occlusion maps, if the switches where left in place then when you turned them you would see the occlusion baked into the wall texture. Hope that explains things a little better for you Cheers Specter
  17. Dude you need to get a grip, the dude was born in Russia, please stop this trolling as its not doing anyone any favours and just gets peoples backs up Thanks Specter
  18. In addition to Zeus67's comment, we also have Czechoslovakia Romainia And Maybe a little surprise also Cheers Specter
  19. Hey Chaps I have been toying with the idea of getting a Pimax, used to own a rift but sold that as the resolution wasnt good for ground pounding. Is anyone running one with DCS, if so whats it like?
  20. Bug: After launching DCS from your app, then exiting DCS you are not able to click Launch again, i have to close your app then re-open it to get the hand icon when hovering over anything within the UI Workaround is to deselect a build then select the build again, this seems to work but is long winded Thanks Specter
  21. really looking forward to any pod to be honest, dumb bombing or having to rely on other forms of lasing is a pain
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