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  1. Ok - since the F14 has been released I am very tempted to get another VR headset. I bought the Rift and hand controllers directly from Oculus when they first where released. Visited a mate over the weekend and had a go in his rift in the F14, immersion is massive, the resolution seems to be a bit better also since I sold my rift So do I get a Pimax 5k+ or should I buy another rift which I can collect today from Argos lol Be curious to hear what you guys think? Thanks Specter
  2. Jabbers mentioned in the Heatblur discord that the functionality of this mod will not work in the future, so i wouldn't rely on it to be honest
  3. they said that this will be done in the future currently you cannot remove the stick
  4. Thank you for commenting on my work :) really appreciated
  5. worked ok for me just twiddle the knob and it moves slow
  6. excellent - will give this a shot tonight - thanks for the effort :)
  7. I dont have a SBS script Maverick, this was on a simple mission I created and hosted for some of the guys i have had the same thing happen to me also, annoying
  8. Hey Chaps I am using the Virpil stick and throttle, does anyone have a profile for this setup, just want to see if its better than my WIP one, if so I will use theirs :)
  9. No Issues either in SP or MP with the 14. Although I have noticed on the initial load of the cockpit the textures maybe take an extra 1 to 2 seconds to load System Specs: 8700k Intel CPU Asus Maximus XI Z390 Motherboard 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory 1TB Nvme (M.2) drive 3400MB per/s Gigabyte Auros 2080TI 40" 4k Monitor Virpil throttle and stick TrackIR Crosswind pedals
  10. Yes I spent 2 hours trying to cat off of the boat. I created another mission and all was OK, a few of my fellow flight chaps have also experienced problems getting off of the boat, not sure if this is a HB issue or a ED issue to be honest
  11. Noticed a couple of minor issues OK pilots visor is down yet the round slider on the front top of the helmet is in the up position Yellow Wing handle right of the throttle under the perspex cover, you can right click the leaver when the cover is in the closed position which makes the yellow leaver go through the perspex Thanks
  12. I also find the 135 a little more of a challenge due to the angle of the wing :) but its just a matter of getting used to it
  13. The Eagle will be as good if not better that the F14 :) - I am loving the F14 though :) great job
  14. Post the image Maverick is using as I like that one bud
  15. nothing replaces the sheer detail of a 42" 4k display running at 90 FPS with everything maxed bud, VR is excellent but the resolution is rubbish Looking to order the Pimax 5k+ in the coming days, hopefully this will give a better VR experience :)
  16. just experiment dude, there is a section where to can do the countermeasures
  17. defaults should be assigned for the important stuff IMPO
  18. Would it be possible for you guys to code an option to allow the windws to be controlled via an Axis also? Thanks specter
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