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  1. Post an image of both the items and ill put something together as a mod if you like
  2. Wags, have you tried the HP Reverb yet? just wondering if you had you could compare?
  3. Why would you need a night on in the room when you normally have the monitor light and also when your head is in the HMD you cannot see the room anyways
  4. Hmmm, ahh ok, I was really excited about the resolution bump with this HMD but if the tracking isn't very good without a light on then it may be time to think again. Or maybe just take the plunge and get it. This is the first main stream HMD with actually good resolution, I dont consider the Pimax a contender as I know people who have had many issues with it
  5. so you need to have a light on in the room in order to get good tracking with WMR?
  6. +! need to be looked at as SP play is pointless atm
  7. I can confirm that all content was original, it look me a couple of weeks to model and texture the asset. and just as long for Suntag to do the coding
  8. yep I noticed this the other night too, had to just sit there while i was hosting the server until the rest had finished
  9. The product looks really good (if its actually the one i found with some digging) but this thread is virtually impossible to follow what all the sir's and extremely bad grammar. All the guy had to do was this is the website and the product, it costs X, order here lol but no - just been reading pages and pages or Sir .......... lol
  10. The intel plugin gives better image quality with colours IMPO. plus the fact it saves the files 10 x faster. When doing the textures for the Mig19, that was the bane of my life lol
  11. yes +1 on this, I noticed that the Trim system has no function after autopilot
  12. hopefully they will be of some use to people
  13. Hey All Did some of these icons for my stream deck so thought I would share the icons and the profile, hope they are useful Cheers Specter SteamDeck F14 Icons.zip F14 Left Prodile.zip
  14. I had exactly the same thing, wrote a mission in the PG map but set the weather, tried 2 days to get it to area track, then spoke to Grover from Heatblur, tried another mission with no weather set and it worked, so check your weather.
  15. is there any reason when you launch DCS and then finish with DCS and exit back to your desktop the Launcher doesn't allow you click launch again, until you either close and relaunch or have to go through the pain of dropping the Build menu down and selecting the same build, which un-selects your build then have to select it again? Would be nice if you made the Launcher always clickable please Also the automatic update never works for me, I launch your app, it asks me if it should update, I say yes, it launchs and there are 100000's of messages in the right windows for ages and ages, have to just kill the app. 400MB connection here also Thanks
  16. Its not about the missing rounds its about the accuracy of the air frame. some people are anal ab out such things
  17. excellent - really looking forward to the next gen in VR to be honest, while the first gen gave that immersion factor, hopefully the second gen will give the resolutions lol :) The HP one does look very interesting though
  18. OK thanks, ill wait till later to see whats happening then :) thanks for then infomration
  19. i have heard that the sweat spot is a lot smaller in the Pimax, is this true? Also what are the DCS settings you guys are using? I dont believe in lowering anything, I have everything maxed
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