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  1. One thing I have found when flying in Sim mode is that straight away the heli starts to rotate from the second you lift most of the load off of the wheels, what i found is that if you increase cyclic just enough to take a little weight from the wheels the heli will normally start to pull that way (note wheels still on the ground just about) you can then either use the trim to correct this or use the rudder to correct this. I tend to use the rudder myself not played with the trim enough. once you have it perfect then you can take off and then it will stay pretty much in a straight line. I sometimes have to tweak the rudder in very very small amounts in game, I have my rudder mapped to my rotary switch on my Cougar so can do this. Thanks Mithandra
  2. I thought F12 was the re-centre in TIR. Why change it? Thanks Clarke
  3. Currently running Vista Ultimate x64 with 4Gig of Ram. Completed the first 2 missions of the first campaign without any issues. Hope things go smooth as I just spent £300 to play this game right: bought: Cougar HOTAS + TrackIR 4 Pro with Track Clip Pro :) Mithandra
  4. are people still really using windows XP :megalol: Mithandra
  5. Yep worked a treat on my system also. Custom Built Quad Core Q9550 2.8ghz 2 x 8800 GTX 768MB GFX Cards in SLI Galaxy 1000watt PSU Striker Extreme MB 4Gig RAM Sweet as... Mithandra
  6. Hi Guys, Just reading some of the links ED posted in Announcements and one of the reviews shows an image without a cockpit just the HUD. Anyone know if this is possible? its the 7th image down http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/01/18/matt-wagner-on-black-shark/ Thanks Mithandra
  7. Hi Guys, I just downloaded the 2009 skin from the DCS site and copied over the files that it asks (over righting where necessary) . When entering the first campaign I do not see the new skin, is there anything else that I need to be aware of appart from copy and replace? Thanks Mithandra
  8. As stated above there are 2 firing modes. One for Cannon (SPACE BAR) and one for missiles / Rockets (RCTRL+SPACE BAR) Also when locked into a target you need to move your reticle over or near the targetet reticle. Mithandra
  9. Pressing the quite button when you get the missions success notification is a little off putting for me. I have just completed the first missions after the FAM mission ( first campaign )and the successful mission notification comes up while your still over the convoy which would negate the need for fly back to the base and land, which IMHO would remove the immersion within the game. Just a thought. Mithandra
  10. Hi Guys, I am thinking of putting another screen on my system to have a dedicated ABRIS display, just wondering if its quite easy to get tis running? My main display plays the game at 1920x1200 the new display will be 1600x1200. Will this cause a problem? Thanks Mithandra
  11. Hi Guys, Just completed my first missions from the UK campain. Just wanted peoples opinion on flight lines. First part was a little weird i was having to use rudder straight away to compensate for spin. Thanks Mithandra missions_one_success.trk
  12. I have just got my TrackIR and Pro clip about 2 weeks ago and would not go back to anything else. I would definatly recommend the pro click as I have used both and I hate wearing hats to play a game lol Mithandra
  13. Hi and Welcome to the site :) My view on this is when you get the game you really dont want to start learning everything so the WIN + HOME start sequence helps a lot if you just want to get flying and see what the game has to offer. Personnal if you run through the start sequence a few time (see videos on youtube) you will get the hang of it. I am currently in the process of learning the start sequence because it adds more immersion to the game. I do not believe that you can automate part of the startup proceedure. BTW TrackIR Pro 4 is a MUST, just got mine the other day and boy does it make a hudge difference to the play. Thanks Mithandra
  14. Hi Guys, Just been looking round amazon and have seen DCS Black Shark listed as a pre-order for £25.99. http://www.amazon.co.uk/DCS-Black-Shark-PC-CD/dp/B001UE7N8C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1236275790&sr=8-1 If we take the dollar rate that the game is selling only on download and covert it to pounds then it works out just over £10 more expensive to buy the game from this site, are they going to reduce the price? I am going to stick with the Russian version for now until it is released. Thanks Mithandra
  15. Does anyone know when this patch will be released? Also i would like to see access to the options from within the game as it takes way to long to come out and go back into the game from Multiplayer. Thanks Mithandra
  16. Hi TB, Nice to see you have found something we can use :) Mithandra
  17. Thanks for the info Guys. A mate of mine has just come back from Russia. He knows how much I like Flight sims so brought me a prezzy :) I just wish I could buy the game in the shops now :) After reading about the availability of the hardback manual as a seperate purchase I cannot wait for the game to be released in the UK. It just irritates me that others have had the game for so long before we can get to purchase it :) from a shop. I only have a 1MB connection to the internet so thats the reason why I havent bought the english game as of yet, plus I would prefer to have the hardback manual. I bought the leather bound manual for lockon MAC which was in colour and very nice. Mithandra
  18. Hi All, Currently I am running the Russian version of the game so that I can get used to it before the UK version is released in April 09. [deleted by mod: not allowed] Can someone help with the following points please? 1. In the options I have choosen ENGLISH for the cockpit but when I enter the cockpit its still in Russian. Does anyone have any ideas? 2. Also all of the training missions that come with the game are all in Russian, does anyone know where I can download the english ones from? 3. Is the digital download which you can buy from this site all in English? Not sure why they have not released the game in the UK yet. Fantastic so far :) Just ordered the Cougar HOTAS system to compilment the game so I am very excited. Thanks in advance for the help guys. Mithandtra
  19. OK i have read page 19 and onwards. the problem i am having is that i need to bind the throttle to the collective. I have opend the following: Double clicked Flight Control Collective and moved the throttle which fills in the box with JOY_SLIDER1. I then have gone in clicked AXIS Tune and set it a a slider and also inverted. Entering the game the throttle does absolutly nothing. I have entered the cockpit and pressed CTRL + ENTER and moved the throttle and nothing moves on the red window. Is the Flight Control Collective what i should be binding my throttle to? Thanks Mithandra
  20. Hi Guys, Just got the game today and having issues binding the throttle to the collective, does anyone know when you go into the axis commands what the joystick option should be to bind it to use the throttle? Also does anyone have any profiles for a x45 I could use please? Thanks in advance Mithandra
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