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  1. We are running 3 servers also, I also read that its a max of 2 servers per account otherwise the servers drop off. So what we tried is closing the 3rd server and just running 2 of them. Same issue, servers stay in the list for about an hour then disappear. so for the moment i wouldn't bother. Cheers Specter
  2. Hi. As per your suggestion we stopped our third server and restarted the other 2. The servers stay in the list for an hour or so then they disappear Thanks. Specter
  3. this musts be a new feature you have implemented as it was working perfectly fine before the last update? thanks Specter
  4. Hey All For some reason our servers when started show up for a little while then just disappear off of the list, even if they are saved to the favs. Connecting to servers via IP works perfectly fine. Everything worked perfectly before last weeks update I have also noticed that when in VR and the Multiplayer list is being populated there is massive stuttering. when the list finished populating everything is smooth as butter, but as soon as you click the refresh icon, stutter city again A mate checked the servers and noticed that most if not all of the servers with long run time (displayed are all running PG maps) Cheers Specter
  5. Hey all Since the update this week I am not able to start the servers with the slmod hook in place in the DCS logs we see the following: 2019-11-02 11:08:24.611 ERROR DCS: Mission script error: : [string "slmod.sendData()"]:1: attempt to index global 'slmod' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "slmod.sendData()"]:1: in main chunk Anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this? would appreciate it many thanks Specter
  6. Hey all Running slmod 7_5. After today's update I get the following error when starting the server. Anyone else experiencing this sort of error? Thanks Specter
  7. Can I ask why we still do not have a TPOD indicator in the HUD, yet the Viper has had one from day one? I thought thw whole object of pulling people from the hornet (which IMPO isnt right) was that once done in the Viper it would be easier to implement in the Hornet?
  8. well, removing my mods directory from savegames and looking at station 8 i see the following. just not working for me I have also done a repair but still nothing listed
  9. checked them all and no 62 - :) a mate also checked and he doesn't have it either
  10. read the release notes and it says the AGM-62 is in the update released today, checking the hornet not seeing the AGM-62 at all in the list. Thoughts? Specter
  11. thanks man - not abvious, not sur4e why they didnt call it TDC without the mouse lol :)
  12. Hey all just got the new version of the Virpil Throttle and am trying to get the new mini stick (slew) to work. Works perfectly fine when calibrating it. however when you come to try and map it for the 18 for the TDC slew everything in grey'd out apart from mouse. Anyone been able to get this working? Thanks Specter
  13. managed to get it to flash by moving it to another USB slot while the software was open
  14. I have just arrived back home. unpacked the throttle that arrived last week. thought i would update the throttle to the latest version of the firmware as always a good idea. Downloaded the latest software from the virpil site installed launched the software, as expected it said VERSION NOT SUPPORTED clicked the firmware blue button clicked start auto firmware update, confirmed the popup Result: Start firmware update procedure. Write page ok [175/175] Firmware update procedure finished. (please close bootloader mode) Set bootloader [VPC Bootloader] to device mode Auto firmware update - done. Please go to PROFILE, Select Base and Grip and make profile. clicking Profile: then selecting Select Base: [THROTTLE] VPC MongoooseT-50 CM Select Grip: [THROTTLE] VPC MongoooseT-50 CM (5-Way Mode Modifier) Clicked Create Profile then click the Green SAVE VPC DEVICE at the top I get the following WARNING WARNING: Outdated fireware. Please update before continuing VPC-JOY-190723 <> VPC-JOY0190930 Checking the install directory of the software i have the following 2 firmware files Firmware_vpc_[CNT-ATMEGA32U4].hexc dated: 30/09/2019 Firmware_vpc_190930_[CNT-ATMEGA32U4].hexc dated: 23/07/2019 Not sure what do do now as there is no link on the site for any firmware downloads anyone have any suggestions? cheers Specter
  15. hey chaps and chappettes, Sorry I have been busy with the Falklands and personal stuff, this is on my radar and hopefully ill get to it very soon thanks Specter
  16. i have been running the reverb since release, no issues at all, perfect for DCS which is the only thing I use it for
  17. been running the business reverb since release, only thing i dont like is having to have the light on in the room to get perfect tracking, other than that the displays are crisp and the resolution is just wow
  18. Hey All Over the past week i have flown a few Multiplayer missions and have had issues with various buttons just not working with the TPOD. For instance last night flew a mission, got over the target, put the TPOD in the vicinity of the targets but couldn't clear the target point to assign other targets. I have included the track file from last nights mission. Thanks Specter OPERATION_SPARROW-20190831-231840.trk
  19. order confirmed on HP site, should get it around the 11th of next month :)
  20. Ahh yeas I seem to remember releasing a mod for that a long time ago
  21. So was this just a mud takeoff strip? From the picture it looks like tarmac or concrete
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