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  1. Hi Thanks for the interest in the thread, if I were delivering a 1982 map there would hardly be anything of interest. a single airfield with 4 parking slots that you cant land military jets on as the runway was too short. Its a balancing act, trying to bring something that is functional and visually appealing for the community. We are also looking at the possibility of including (maybe at a later date) a map which doesn't have MPA shown. Although I believe you are able to remove scenery from the map through the mission editor. This is the South Atlantic map, which can also be used for the Falkland Conflict however I personally want the map to be visually appealing to the community for the many aspects that DCS offers. Thanks again for the interest. Specter
  2. Hey All, just wanted to share some images of the Falklands map. These are WIP images. Thanks Specter UPDATE AS OF 13-08-2020 UPDATE: 12/10/2020 Over the past few months I decided to invest time in re-doing all of the airfields to take full advantage of of the new technology. here are some screenshots of the 3 locations that I have done, which are about 90% complete. hope you like them thanks Specter UPDATED: 09-11-2020 Some new images of MPA to show of the new technology for materials Thanks Specter
  3. This would have taken 30 minutes to an hour to code so there is really no time lost from development. I and everyone I spoke to thought this was a great relief to what is happening in the world today. Some people got upset, tough, get over it, enjoy life as some people are going through the mill right now, loosing loved ones to a invisible killer. Thanks for the entertaining day ED :) appreciate the effort :) Specter
  4. Excellent :) forget about flying just playing with the slot machines lol fantastic idea from ED to lighten the mood.
  5. FANTASTIC EASTER EGG FROM ED Congrats guys, I didnt believe it so had to try and wow FANTASTIC, made me laugh, so much fun seeing if you can eject lol AWESOME!!!!
  6. My fault chaps, I put the map updates on facebook because its as simple to copy and past and image / video into facebook. to post pictures on here i have to upload the images to an external host, no excuses though. anyways from now on i will update this thread with any news on the Falklands map. Apologies thanks Specter
  7. But what will Tim wear at the weekends :) lol
  8. no issies here, maybe a little frame hit but perfectly playable
  9. i too experience extremely slow torrent speed. I have a 400Mb connection so can download at 47MB/s
  10. Currently I am working on the Leeds Castle class ships for the Falklands and thought i would share some screen shots of the nearly ready ship Thanks Specter
  11. "VR Pilot" means this pilot will be seen when using VR only. Animations will be fully done as per the M2000C pilot (Example: so when you move your stick the pilots arms move with the stick or your legs with the pedals etc). May I also say that Tim has done a fantastic job with the M2000C pilo, outstanding work, strapped into the seat harness and everything :). Good work Tim :) Specter
  12. i would prefer to have the module earlier and wait for training videos, this allows people to get used to the module and enjoy it without getting too serious
  13. Thanks for the praise of the Mig19 Textures. It took me a while to get them finished especially with all of the liveries :)
  14. excellent that would be fantastic, if they could take one from each side and also possibly any of interesting features that would be great thanks Specter
  15. i tried contacting the base and they told me that they are not allowed to give any infomration out lmao. Been there done that mate :)
  16. Hey all Struggling to get any reference pictures of the building in the sat map, could anyone who has any please share? This building is near Mount Pleasant airfield thanks all Specter
  17. The pilot looks a little rushed, you guys didnt even strap him into the seat, legs don't even move with the rudder pedals.
  18. Hi All Since I heard about Virpil I have been a dedicated user of their products. Initially ordering a full set including the stick and throttle, spending over £800. Its been a year since I placed the initial order and since then i have upgraded the throttle to the latest version Initial Order VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle VPC Mongoose T-50 Grip 2 x mounting brackets Ordr was placed in May of 2018. products arrived and I was very happy with them. So my Desk is a custom desk made up of a solid piece of Oak 2 meters long and 40mm thick, which is used for day to day stuff when i am at my PC, so when i am not flying I remove the clamp for the stick (as I like to fly with the stick directly between my legs) so that I can use the desk for normal PC stuff also. Anyways a year of doing this I noticed over the past month that it just wasn't staying tight enough so when i moved the stick to the left or right i was getting a little bit of movement. Checking the brackt I noticed that the threads where it tightens for the thickness of my desk had worn away. I paid 60 Euros including postage for this so to be this was a defect. All I had done for ajust over a year was move into placae, tighten, then move out of the way, So I contacted Virpil Warrenty via email and included this picture This is the email I got back after sending them a photo of the worn threads on the screw. ============= EMAIL CONTENT ===================== Hi Clarke, I'm sorry to hear that you're having some issues with your VPC gear - rest assured we will aim to get this resolved ASAP! I want to warn you that what I see in the photo does not look like a warranty case. Please explain to me what actions with the bracket led to thread damage. Please provide information for the service center on the list below. Full Name: Order Number: Product: Serial Number: Shipping Address: Contact Phone Number: ============================================= so I replied and said I tighten the stick when i want to fly and remove when i am not. (IMPO stupid question really, what am i gonna do with swing off of the curtains with it.) Just got a email asking for me to provide my address (which they have on their system, very obscure Anyways I just wanted to get your feedback here, I am really expecting too much here, expecting that a product should last more than a years use? Thanks Specter
  19. Today we have released the paint kit for the Mig19 DOWNLOAD IT HERE -> PAINT KIT Thanks Specter
  20. What frustrates me the most is that there is not a single mention of the massive issue of scenery vanishing which in in itself is the major issue here. Hell I can take a bit of performance hit but not to the point of feeling actually sick in the Reverb because my view is jumping all over the place for no reason at all. Very frustrating indeed UPDATE: I have removed all mods and did a clean and repair - the stuttering has reduced although the major issue is the scenery vanishing Thanks Specter dcs.zip
  21. Hi All Since the last update I was running perfectly fine. Since the last update I am experiencing the following: F16 - looking forward in the cockpit is stutter city, to the point of being unplayable, works a treat if you don't look at the ground too much Multiplayer Menu - when the multiplayer menu is refreshing its like stutter city, jerking all over the place. once the refresh has populated, smooth as butter, hitting the refresh again back to stutter city General Flying and graphics issues: looking left and right in the cockpit either while flying or on the ground, buildings, tree and pretty much everything else just vanishes, moving your head back to the center causes them to return, moving head back to either left or right in certain circumstances causes the assets to be removed however you still see the shadow. I have removed the fxo and metashaders2 folder which makes no difference Worst update I have experienced in a long time which has broken DCS for me atm. Sadley Specter Moving the camera up and down in combined arms causes scenery to vanish Moving head from front to back causes the trees to valish in blocks of squares
  22. i seem to remember someone mentioning about staying in spectators and pressing ESC twice or something like that - this allows moose to launch or something, may want to have a poke about. Thanks Specter
  23. We are running 3 servers also, I also read that its a max of 2 servers per account otherwise the servers drop off. So what we tried is closing the 3rd server and just running 2 of them. Same issue, servers stay in the list for about an hour then disappear. so for the moment i wouldn't bother. Cheers Specter
  24. Hi. As per your suggestion we stopped our third server and restarted the other 2. The servers stay in the list for an hour or so then they disappear Thanks. Specter
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