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  1. we are in the process of moving hosts, link should be back when this is sorted
  2. just a little teaser, this is the new crossing type which I finished last week, called a Culvert
  3. work is progress nicely on the terrain, but as you can imagine the project has grown exponentially over the period due to community feedback. The map upon release will cover 1.5 million square km. so that will be good enough IMPO. Ill try and put something together this week, no promises thanks Specter With reference to the weapons, the Sea Cat, Sea Dart Missiles have already been submitted to ED for them to do their magic, I still have the SeaWolf to complete. The rapier is already in the sim.
  4. This is the interview that took place last night with Tactical Pascal. DCS WORLD | South Atlantic Map: Interview with the RAZBAM development team. - YouTube
  5. Hi All I am the lead dev on the Falklands map and I wanted just to understand what video memory people have on their cards. This will give me a better understanding on what I can include texture wise and how far I can push the envelope. Also talking into consideration of the ED min specs of course. Thanks Raz_Specter
  6. I am also finding that I am not able to handoff in auto mode. Anyone else having issues with this as the seeker on the mav screen just doesn't go to the location of the TGP
  7. Just got the G2 delivered this morning, which is replacing the G1. Hooked it up to DCS jumped in a F16 in the Falklands and had a look around. Image quality is absolutely fantastic with no tracking issues at all (with the G1 it used to stop tracking due to low light in my office when i looked down at the side consoled, but then when returning to normal front view it used to snap back, non of that with the G2). Defo well worth the cost IMPO Thanks Specter
  8. you could do this, although it wouldn't look very nice. 1982 buildings lol, in 1982 there was next to nothing in the rural areas I still think the best option would be to have 2 maps, one without MPA and one with. This will allow people to choose which one they use. Although this will come after the release of the map to be honest as I dont have much time to spend on that atm.
  9. Totally agree, I have tried a few times to extend the map but am getting errors with the Elevation spatial generation. Ill give it another crack and see if I can get more real-estate :)
  10. Missing textures on the visor and visor is floating in front of pilot. 2 issues here as of 11/11/2020
  11. can you tell me if this has been fixed yet as its currently not working for me as of today thanks guys, as always great module :)
  12. The ocean is not free my friend :) believe me I already asked the question to ED in early development
  13. The whole focus of the map is The Falklands Islands. The addition of the mainland was just to allow people to be able to make the trip from the mainland to re-enact the attack on the islands. Although the initial map will include Rio Gallegos as the only airfield on the mainland, I will investigate what can be possible to increase the North / South Scale of the map this should then include some additional airports etc. This will probably be investigated after the beta release of the map, but this has by no means been decided yet. I am just speculating. Lets seen how far we can take this :) I have included a screenshot of what the map will initially include (the grid within the image) thanks Specter
  14. so the flyable area is: 1150km x 225km :) At this current state of development which is not finished by any means the map is around 12GB, this does not include the addition assets that will also ship with the map
  15. OK Scenery remove update: Just tried this and while it removes all of the buildings at MPA its still leaves the roads and also the runway / taxiways. so will most likely have to be an additional map included after beta release without MPA included
  16. Yes I agree, however, the pictures are restricted in size some of the images I take are all in 4k. some are + 4MB Plus the fact you don't get a big view of the picture in the main screen and users would have to click the images. Anyways I have uploaded some more pictures to the initial thread.
  17. One of the main reasons I normally post stuff to either Facebook or YouTube is because its extremely easy and quick. ALT + Print Screen - CTRL V on Facebook, done In order for me to do anything on the ED forums I have to first save the files then upload them to a hosting site, then get the link and then format a post with those links. From 8am till 5pm I do my day job, then I start on the map after that till around 11:30pm then I head to bed, 99% of my free time is dedicated to the map and developing the assets. so time is very precious to me. I will try and do better and try to include a lot more content on here also. Going to have a little rant now: One of the other issues I do face is that whenever I post anything, either on FB or here I get comments which are completely unrelated to the post, like " where's the F15" etc This really irritates me. On FB I have admin rights to the Razbam page so any comments that are unrelated just get removed. whereas within the forums I do not. But for future updates I will try my best to include some stuff on here also Thanks Specter
  18. $39.99 for this standard of map is very very cheap IMPO. I know what it takes to build a map, 1000's of hours and i think people would be astounded to know what it takes
  19. The map and the level of detail is absolutely outstanding, if you don't fly warbirds like me this map is visually the best map released so far for eye candy and ideal for helos :)
  20. Congratulations on this STUNNNG map ED. Textures are phenomenal and the level of detail is outstanding. WELL DONE TEAM :)
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