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  1. It's more likely to be the cable than the headset, but it's a good excuse for an upgrade.
  2. FoxTwo

    Rudder FFB

    Brunner. For a lot of money.
  3. I went from an Odyssey+ to a G1 back in the day. It was a huge upgrade in sharpness and readability. Performance wasn't even worse because I didn't have to run at a high super sampled resolution to get a good image out of it. Colors were a bit washed out as you'd expect going from an OLED to an LCD. G2 is a bit better as far as that goes, but at your price target a good used G1 will be quite the improvement.
  4. There are a few different beta firmwares for 90hz available. One of them works for me but has some black screens/blanking at 90Hz. It's temperamental and still very much in beta, but there are some people out there who say it's working great for them. To be honest when I'm running at 90Hz I don't notice much of a difference.
  5. Depressing a bound day/night switch causes the switches to move in the wrong direction. Your button logic is backwards in the binding default.lua.
  6. I don't simp for corporations so the thought of paying an annual fee to use something I've already paid $3000+ for is a little abhorrent to me but I guess to each his own.
  7. Not with an $800 annual subscription fee it ain't.
  8. I know I'm probably like... one of three people playing DCS with an 8KX this is happening too, and I have a workaround (lower the FoV), but it'd be nice if this could be fixed.
  9. No worries, ran into the same thing when I loaded up the Vive Pro 2 I had.
  10. which I assume is a typo for MFD
  11. Looks like we should expect some improvements in the next patch. Cautiously optimistic.
  12. In my experience, any disk IO operations will completely destroy frame rates. DCS being a single threaded game will stop or interrupt draw calls frequently enough during loading that steamvr gets really, really upset with it when this happens. Try increasing preload radius to around 75000 and see if that makes any difference. I cannot say that it will but it's possible. I would also not run higher than MSAA 2x at that resolution. You can also try setting the render target at 80% in steamVR. Alternately, look into the FSR modified DLL for openvr, which does work with DCS (https://github.com/fholger/openvr_fsr). If you do that you'll want to set your render target back to 100% but adjust the cfg file to render at ultra quality (.77). This will render the game at 2433x2377 and upscale the image (with contrast adaptive sharpening) to your target resolution. It's not QUITE as good as native 100% but it's very close and the performance gains are significant. It can add some shimmering so if you do use FSR, you can try 4x MSAA again and see if that helps. One last thing; close any background apps using your GPU. Discord, game launchers, web browsers, etc. Close everything except what you need to run DCS.
  13. DCS in general has a lot of problems with edge aliasing/artifacts/noise, particularly with water due to the screen space reflections. I don't think there's anything unique about the Kuznetsov it's just how the engine works right now.
  14. Sweet spot is only a little bit better on the G2, it's still fairly small. But the G2 is significantly brighter, has better colors, and has no mura that the G1 suffers from. It's a worthy upgrade, particularly if you can get one discounted (I've seen them as low as $400). No rumors about a G3 yet that I've seen.
  15. Back to the topic at hand. Something to consider is that FSR at render scales higher than 1 are effectively an improved scaling solution and may be an effective anti aliasing technique with minimal overhead.
  16. With the FoV set to large, there are flashing lighting streaks and anomalies with all terrain lights at night/dusk/dawn. Including airports and cities. Setting the FoV to "Normal" in pitool makes the issue go away. Most of the real craziness happens in the right eye only, but both are flashing random light rays all over the place. I managed to get some screenshots of one of them in action. My head wasn't moving much in this shot, but the light streaks were dancing around like a disco ball. Album showing the rays moving: https://imgur.com/a/EW5vG0o
  17. It is not an absolute must. Telling people to spend upwards of $2000 on a GPU because DCS demands it is ridiculous. It will run fine on a 3080 with 10GB of VRAM on a G2. And I would know.
  18. If you move the head position with the rctl+rshift+numpad keys, you can save the position with alt + num 0. Then anytime you reset your view it'll return you to that position.
  19. The default head position is too far left and high. You'll need to adjust it down and right. I try and set it so that I can see through the sight with my right eye.
  20. Yeah. Wonder why there's no acknowledgement of this issue. It's very strange, it hangs on Spawning Objects and it doesn't even seem like it's really doing anything. No IO thrashing and CPU isn't going nuts.
  21. Yes, there are issues with the lights on the instruments in the english cockpit.
  22. No just when you update the game version. I mean if you don't run the game without the mods then you wouldn't need to clear them manually since when you first run after an update it recompiles them all anyway.
  23. Pretty sure that the game does this automatically now when it updates.
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