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  1. Can't hear a thing he's saying because the audio is being routed to the same speakers as the engine/rotors. Which I guess would be just like if he unplugged his headset in real life. However he's wearing one and I should probably be able to hear what he's saying.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/lmyusg/windows_mixed_reality_for_steamvr_updated_12536/gny596p/
  3. In reference to this post on the hpreverb subreddit: Steam's OpenVR isn't really that open and is very likely contributing to several performance issues experienced by people with high end hardware while playing DCS in VR.
  4. Working great with the A-4E-C mod, thanks!
  5. Mesh shaders are not DX12 exclusive. Vulkan has support for them as well. There are other APIs as well like variable rate shading that if properly leveraged could probably get DCS banging against the refresh rate of modern headsets without the need for motion interpolation. But I think it's unlikely for DCS to go from barely leveraging DX11 support to using bleeding edge vulkan apis. It's more likely we're going to get something that is mostly a direct port of the current engine to the new framework which has some built in efficiencies. At least at the beginning. It would b
  6. Issue was on my end, DCS decided to forget where to send headset audio output.
  7. Nevermind, I think it's a sound module thing. The output for afterburner seems really low when the audio is set to stereo but it's fine in mono. That said, the A-4E-C 2.0/EFM beta isn't currently working. https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v2.0.0-beta-1
  8. Yeah sorry I wasn't clear. I'm on the SSA beta ( at the moment), and for the last two updates going into AB in the F-18 results in the engine rumble basically just... stopping. DCS openbeta too, if that matters. I just tried it again, forget what I said... it does appear to be technically working. But compared to the engine rumble/beat it's so high frequency that it feels like you're transitioning from pavement to smooth glass in a car. There's not a lot of felt effect in afterburner, at least with a transducer attached to a chair.
  9. I'm not getting any effects in afterburner in the F-18 using the latest beta.
  10. Again, they'll leverage features as they see fit once the new engine is out. I don't expect any development cycles to be put into incremental updates for marginal performance benefits for a niche set of users.
  11. This is a DX11 based game engine with roots that go back to DX9. Let's see what happens when they move to vulkan, and what sorts of features they can leverage to increase performance. Until then, don't expect any development time to be put into random new GPU features or emerging tech.
  12. I'm glad that the issue is fixed for Rooster. It was an odd one to track down for sure. But the real question is, why does game flight mode cause the F/A-18C to pitch down after takeoff on this particular mission? That seems like a bug to me.
  13. According to the options file in your track, game/easy flight mode = true
  14. Since I love a good mystery I've been poking around with your track file some more. According to the options file, you have game/easy flight mode enabled. Try disabling that in the global options. There may be a bug, somehow, with this mission or loadout and game flight mode.
  15. New clouds are bringing a new weather system so I'd wait before breaking out the pitchforks.
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