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  1. Eureka. Can we get a fix asap? This explains everything.
  2. Holy. $*&%. Welp. Guess we found out why sometimes I can see the indexer and sometimes I can't. Holy crap, good find. Can we get a hotfix boys?
  3. Windows 7 send telemetry data to microsoft as well. For years now. Live with it.
  4. Stop using an out of date END OF SUPPORT operating system that's no longer receiving security updates when you can STILL upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Problem solved.
  5. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/425911/geforce-46109-game-ready-driver-feedback-thread-re/2967675/
  6. Yup. Just happened to me. Climbed up to around 40,000ft in full AB, just above mach 1.0, leveled off, engines caught fire. Engine temps weren't excessive.
  7. I think it's just very hit or miss. I ordered and received a CM2 base and 200mm extension in less than two weeks.
  8. You can use afterburner with the gpu.dll plugin to see how much it's ACTUALLY using. Top tip, it's not 17GB. In multiplayer I rarely see more than 7.5GB used, although the full 10GB is allocated.
  9. It's in the driver version right there. You're runing 432.00 (, which is way before 481.48.
  10. Navi is a raster beast so this isn't terribly surprising. The 3090 is going to beat it in any modern title though that's not DX11/pure single threaded raster. Honestly though thanks to actual availability, it's all academic for at least the next three to six months anyway.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a DCS bug, steam VR bug, or Windows Mixed Reality bug, but the only fix is to exit DCS, CLOSE steamvr and windows mixed reality, and then restart it and start DCS back up. It's something to do with the mouse cursor in DCS losing track of focus. At any rate, as I said there's a workaround which is close out windows mixed reality and restart it.
  12. FoxTwo

    Awful Haze

    The Reverb G2 fixed a lot of the color accuracy and lack of contrast issues I was having with the G1. I'm not recommending you buy one I'm just saying I was going through the same problem in VR and it was basically all down to the Reverb G1s poor contrast and color accuracy.
  13. Never had a problem flashing over a powered USB hub, I do it every update. That said the software SPECIFICALLY says to NOT do that so I don't know why you're trying to force the issue.
  14. you shouldn't have oculus software running, do you mean windows MR? Otherwise, uninstall that software it's not necessary with the reverb. Check your steam VR scaling, 100% is double what it should be with the reverb g2, so you'll want to set it at around 50%.
  15. Not sure if something changed recently, I haven't been in the F-14 for a while and hopped back into the A model and it feels like the default head position is way too far forward. I mean I know how to move it back some and save it but I'm trying to figure out how high/far forward my eyes should actually be and currently the starting position doesn't feel right.
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