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  1. What about the USS Enterprise - Big E? But in my opinion it should be compatible with the supercarrier module... So what about some ballistic missile submarines? Typhoon, Borei, Ohio, Delta SSBN? Thank you for your work!
  2. OK, solved the problem for now. You have to deactivate mods for now. I had no time to test which mod caused the crash so i deactivate them all.
  3. Its the same here, stand alone version. Loading screen comes up, but then closes and nothing happens.
  4. OK, I understand. Everybody has its own things that one is looking after, mine are those damn glow sticks... Really looking forward to see them as I like to start my missions early in the morning or late in the evening, because the sunset or rise is looking so nice in DCS, especially in VR.
  5. @BIGNEWY can we expect the light sticks for the ground crew at night operations a little bit earlier than ATC or will this take also very long time? Sorry if you had answered before.
  6. Hi there, is it right that the Intruder mod placed on the carrier deck as a static connected to the carrier doesn't have it's wings folded?
  7. You must go to the official thrustmaster shop website and there they have the winter deals and there you find the grip... https://shop.thrustmaster.com/de_de/winter-deals/f-a-18c-hornettm-hotas-add-on-grip.html
  8. Hello - just a heads up, at the moment Thrustmaster has its winter-sale and the grip is on sale for 159,99€.
  9. @Wags Hello Sir, i have one question about the Apache: Will we be able to use all systems of the Apache by one person? Will it be full single player compatible so to speak?
  10. OK mods, this thread can be closed... As usual, the error is sitting in front of the pc. Somehow i forgot to pull the levelers out to put them in the "off" position when i was calibrating with the tool... Pssst... Pls don't tell anyone...:doh:
  11. As I wrote before, when i use the "Throttle Warthog Calibration (V1.07)" tool and let the Idle position of the throttle on off i get the bars in the Windows10 screen to move with the throttle 100%. Another screenshots added. But is it normal that the bars are 100% when the throtlle is at the "off" position? 1000 questions...
  12. Thank you Antoine, but i do not want to open the throttle before i have tested any other option. I have made some more Screenshots of the properties maybe someone sees that there is something wrong...
  13. Thank you for your fast response. I have unplugged all other controllers, deinstalled the target software as well as the thrustmaster drivers and restarted my pc. After that i installed the thrustmaster drivers at the point where it tells me to plug all thrustmaster devices in windows10 detects the throttle and stick and installs them before i could give the thrustmaster installer the command that everything is plugged to the machine. I think that there could be a problem or not, is there a way to stop windows10 automatic driver installation? After the installer is ready i go to the throttle p
  14. Hello hopefully someone can help me with my throttle problem. So I try my best to describe what happens: After a half year without using DCS and my Warthog Stick and Throttle together with the crosswind pedals i started a instant action mission with the A10C which always worked perfect for me in the past. Now the throtttle was at maximum speed position (i call it 100% forward position) and i wanted to fly at slower speed and took the throttle to the middle position (50%) but in the game looking at the throttle it moved only 10% backwards, so i was at minimum 90% anyways. I had a look in the ax
  15. OK, then I will have patience. :-) Hopefully we do not have to pay vat then, if GB isn't a part of the EU anymore...
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