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  1. It affects all covered switches in the cockpit. It's already reported:
  2. Has anyone found a way to get the 88m guns to work with the barrage function? All other AAA appears to work fine as long as you pick an altitude that's in range.
  3. Live watchtower in the background, destroyed ones in the foreground.
  4. Ah, I looked in the wrong part of the -1; I see it now. Thanks.
  5. With all pylons loaded and selected, the Select Jettison function will currently release Station 4, then stop. No matter how long the button is depressed, it will not release 3 and 5 until the centerline (4) is deselected. Once 4 is deselected, 3 and 5 will jettison with a subsequent button press, however 2 and 6 will still remain. Deselecting 3 and 5 will allow 2 and 6 to be jettisoned. This holds true if trying to jettison 2, 3, 5, and 6 as well (i.e.: keeping the centerline but dumping all wing stores); only 2/5 jettison, then those pylons need to be deselected before 2/6 can
  6. Update: This appears to be tied to any ability of the subject aircraft to defend itself with air-to-air weapons of any kind, to include tail guns or internal cannon. This is why the B-1B works fine; it has no self-defense armament. Setting "Restrict Air-to-Air Attack = on" in addition to Reaction to Threat = NO REACTION causes the Tu-22, Su17, and Su-24 to act as expected.
  7. I can't remember if this is shown in any of the tracks or not, but an additional bug is that the wingmen in an AI flight with the task "Carpet Bombing" will drop their bombs along with the lead, regardless of if they are at the correct drop point or not (if they are avoiding AAA, interceptors, etc.)
  8. See attached tracks. AI bombers act defensively despite NO REACTION being set in editor. NO REACT FAIL 1.trk NO REACT FAIL 2.trk NO REACT FAIL FRESH MISSION.trk NO REACT FAIL SU24.trk NO REACT FAIL FRESH MISSION 2.trk
  9. I was killing them with guns and rockets last night. There does seem to be a script or trigger at work, though, since I was sometimes getting one-hit kills with guns.
  10. Flown correctly, the F-5 can compete with and beat everything you listed. It will definitely be at a disadvantage in some respects, but not hopelessly so.
  11. Loved this campaign for the Hornet; will be a real challenge in the Tiger.
  12. I've been dealing with the same issues. I haven't tried it yet, but the only thing I can think of is to record SRS/Discord audio live, then record the track replay in 2D later (assuming the track works properly, which is a whole other problem), synching them up in editing later.
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