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  1. Whenever Vaicom updates, it messes with my exports.lua, rendering SRS useless until I delete the scritps folder and reinstall SRS. How do I prevent this?
  2. Well, there's always having a gamer laptop with a 2nd license to be your own RIO :) But seriously, IronMike, *I* would pay for an "extended Jester module". I understand it's a hefty job and if it requires more resources, well, call it. The other thing would be beefing up Iceman so we can have some basic patterns like hold orbit or new heading and switching seats becomes viable.
  3. So much this. It's not really the most stylish forum I know but "hideous" is putting it mildly on mobile designs. I fly Hornet, so I can live by hideous, but if it gets in my way I get cross.
  4. All my MP buddies yellow and ambiguous since last OB update. It's sort of a biggie. Not terrible like "crash when pressing button x" or so, but I'd appreciate that to have a top spot on the TODO, if you don't mind.
  5. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284913 Vaicom not messing with export.lua would be great. I stopped using it because it keeps interfering with SRS, and that's prio.
  6. There's a Pilot-controls-for-LANTIRN mod in the files section btw, if that still works. HB says that will go once Jester can do it, but in the meantime that gives you some laser kitty.
  7. Yes, just a rough status of Jester/LANTIRN would be nice. I know it's a helluva job, not pushing, just curious. But the "right engine" thing being hard to fix should give everybody an idea about the complexity under the bonnet. Coding is voodoo magic and then some. And thanks for the info, my favourite module still after having tried near everything.
  8. Short (1min read) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284913 Short but in other words: several external programs fight over export.lua. Jeopardizes it every so often. One week Vaicom does not work, the next it's TacView, the SRS... All programs run their own export.lua.programname and happily live together. It's in the API now.
  9. With several 3rd party programs hooking into DCS I constantly run into trouble after updates. TacView overwrites it, Vaicom messes with it, SRS gets kicked by other programs' shenanigans ever so often. How about a startup parser that loops over seperate files like: vaicom.export.lua srs.export.lua rsmapper.export.lua ... so they don't interfere?
  10. What greatly helps me in the F-14 is the "tschk-click" the throttle makes when going AB. Boom sounds, noice, but how about a click from the detent finger lifts? If the real ones are not really audible in an F/A-18 just having the event linked to a near silent sound would be only a matter of creating a small mod.
  11. Can you tell us which parts fit in? Like micro switches, 4ways, slew.
  12. Well, thanks - I had to rejoin for unrelated tech issues so the pod was there already, I'll check next time anyway.
  13. Hi all, 2 minor bugs: today (latest OB as of 16jun2020) flew RIO, had LANTIRN under wing, worked, too, but wasn't visisble to me, Pilot did see it. Other is almost cosmetic: when peering over the pilot's should the HUD is huuuuge. I'd day about 10x. Probably rather a DCS issue and really no biggie. EDIT: wrong subforum, my bad. Please move.
  14. Additional flight names and numbers.
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