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  1. Hi, is with mission 7 everything ok? After I bombed the truck, two F-18 arrived and I have to RTB. Wasn´t there a enemy helicopter, when I flown this mission long time ago? I tried it twice. Thanks!
  2. Thank´s for your replays! It is a very interesting topic.
  3. So air to ground with unguided bombs and rockets was never a real option?
  4. Hi, I love this campaign, but it is broken since 2.5.6 . Collide with my wingman on the ramp, at mission start is fixed since the last patch, I think. But now, my Wingman didn´t start. Can someone confirm this problem? Is there any way to change the missions by my self to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I had the same problem with 4k. Deaktivating "GUI skale" in the Video options helped, or lower resulotion.
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