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  1. Hi All I'm trying to set up my new Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick on DCS BS. I know that the throttle slider works, but I'm darned if I can assign it to the collective control. I've gone to Options-Controls-Axis Commands, and tried all of the slider options there, but none of them seem to work. Could it be one of the many Z,Y or X axis options? Much confused by this one, as my previous Logitech Force 3D worked straight away. Secondly, I'm not getting any force feedback during the game. Not sure what to expect here, as I've not had a force feedback joystick before. Is there something I need to configure? Many thanks in advance. Sohei EDIT In 'Game' mode, the collective control works fine, but as soon as I go to 'Simulation' it stops! EDIT #2 I've now tried this in both Win Vista x32 and Win XP x32, so I'm satisfied it's not an OS issue (I read about FF problems in Vista). Any help at all would be much appreciated.
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