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  1. Your guess is as good as mine, I must confess. We'll just have to wait and see.
  2. Thanks for that! Cancelled my shopBLT order, now I've got it on order from HP UK :)
  3. I wonder if the increased uptake of VR will create demand in the market and then hence some increased competition between AMD and Nvidia, motivating them to start pushing better hardware out a bit faster rather than holding back, which we suspect is the current strategy.
  4. Bearing in mind we still have the VR performance improvement in the pipeline, which should help a bit. I don't mind hanging on to the Reverb while waiting for new hardware to come out which will give the frame rate a boost.
  5. Those wonderful saintly people at ShopBLT have confirmed they are taking delivery of my stock on the 6th June. I've started writing farewell letters to friends and family, winding up my affairs etc.
  6. Having confirmed I can definitely eat for the next month, I've decided to take the plunge and risk ordering from shopblt. So we'll see what happens next. Fingers crossed!
  7. Another review in, just to keep us hungry :pilotfly: https://mashable.com/video/hp-reverb-review/?europe=true EDIT : Not much to see really, just posting it for the hell of it
  8. The pro version comes with an additional shorter cable for users who are foot mobile with computer on their backs
  9. Yeah I'm sold. I'll order at the first opportunity.
  10. seems pretty much to be the case. Just thought I'd pin it anyway.
  11. A bit more info here : https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/24/hp_reverb_soap_opera/
  12. Another of those review thingies. Apologies in advance if this is already posted. https://vrscout.com/news/hp-reverb-vr-headset-review/
  13. Yeah, I'd rather the wrinkles be ironed out BEFORE I take delivery. If that means waiting a few more weeks, then so be it.
  14. Well if you're flying the 'hog it's got to be smokey bacon...
  15. Have you considered anti-fogging solutions such as 'sea-drop'? I used to use something similar on my respirator in the army many years ago and it always preventing lens misting.
  16. It's a decent rig but nothing earth shattering tbh. Asus GTX 1080ti i7 47something something CPU 32Gb RAM (it's red, so probably quite fast). Asus gaming motherboard of some description. I should stress I was only measuring the performance when doing dogfights out over the unpopulated areas of the Persian Gulf. I'll do some more testing when I have time.
  17. Yeah I've checked it with PD set to 2.0. GPU peaked around 80% but most of the time it was around 50%
  18. Aye, 'twas just my feeble attempt at wit
  19. If the Reverb wasn't a thing I would be snapping up the Rift S for sure right now. But yeah, Reverb really looks like the way forwards. Also, I checked my task monitoring during a mission on the Persian Gulf with the Rift (textures on high), and was pleased to see none of my CPU cores maxed out at any point, so with the upcoming performance improvement to DCS (2 weeks), I'm confident it will remain playable with the Reverb without needing a big hardware upgrade. I'm probably still going to have a massive upgrade anyway though, tbh ¬_¬
  20. Just take my damn money already!!!!
  21. Yeah it's a bit of a shame I agree. But the next round of headsets will cover most bases, I reckon
  22. My thoughts exactly. I actually think HP know exactly what they're doing here, having identified a demand for the highest resolution possible from people who have less interest in using hand controllers i.e. the sim community.
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