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  1. Works fine for me, but I have the hand controllers disabled in DCS as they're pretty useless imo.
  2. It doesn't push that resolution to my monitor when in VR though. It just shows a windowed view of one of the eye panels, so I think it's just projecting what's already rendered in VR. A few other people seem to think this is the case also. I seem to remember experimenting with this a long time ago and it seemed to make no difference. I'll give it a go though.
  3. I've a had a few moments where DCS is no longer the current application and I lose mouse/keyboard control. If I alt tab back to DCS everything is fine, but most recently This coincided with a SteamVR crash. I'm guessing native support in DCS will overcome problems like this.
  4. My understanding was that it's not relevant when running an HMD. Does it definitely make a difference?
  5. Instrument readability is just fine, I can read all the useful and important numbers in the cockpit without issue. Some of the very small gauges I have to peer in a bit for if I want to read them (think oil pressure gauges and similar). Likewise spotting. I no longer feel like I'm aiming at a distant furry turd. A tank looks like a tank from a few miles away. I've removed the labels.lua file from the game as it's simply no longer needed. BTW I checked and realised that I was running SS in SteamVR at 150%. I've now set it to 188% and it still runs smooth but I haven't stress tested it in a really busy battle environment. There was no discernible difference in performance while flying over Vegas. Here you go, settings attached ... https://ibb.co/syLf1K9
  6. Maybe a good idea, but let me stress that I have no regrets about this product. It really does make a massive difference visually to DCS.
  7. OK, so my Reverb has arrived and I've spent about 2 hours using it so far. Coming from using on the Rift CV1 in the past, here are my initial thoughts. Build quality Overall very good. I think the head strap could be a bit better though. It feels sturdy enough to me and the materials feel robust. Comfort Marginally less comfortable than the Rift CV1, as the head strap doesn't curve to accommodate the ears, which may seem like a minor point but it does have a detrimental effect. That said, once I got stuck in to using the headset I didn't give it much thought and it hasn't been a problem in 2 hours of use. As someone else has pointed out, the cable is a bit thick and heavy, so it feels cumbersome when you're moving around. But for use in sims that's not really a problem. SDE SDE has NOT been completely eliminated but you really have to look for it, to the point where it has a tendency to disappear from view even when I do manage to spot it. It's more noticeable on large plain surfaces but in all honesty it's no longer on my mind in any meaningful way. Overall visual quality I think it's a bit of a stretch to describe this as 'near monitor quality' but it's still a really significant improvement on the CV1. What was strange was that at first it barely registered that the graphical fidelity had improved. It just felt very natural to be sat in a cockpit with fully readable gauges and nice clear MFD displays. But once I started to pay attention it became increasingly apparent how much better everything is visually. Looking outside the cockpit I can see much further in much greater detail. Identifying ground and air targets is so much easier also. My gunnery in the A10 improved quite a bit on the first attempt. So while I do feel the graphical upgrade has been a bit over hyped in places I'm still really happy with it. FOV I wouldn't say it's any better than the CV1 to be honest. If you move the headset a bit you will see the edges of the panels but again you have to look for it. It didn't spoil my aerial fun time at all. Audio This is a weak point. The sound quality is acceptable, but the earpieces are pretty rubbish. They just don't press comfortably on my ears, no matter what I do to adjust their position. The CV1 did this much better. I think this is caused by the same problem previously mentioned re the shape of the head strap. Because the pivot point of the headphone arms is right next to your ear it has to press in at a steep angle to come into contact with your ears. It's poor design for certain. The good news is that the earpieces are really easy to remove and so I'll use my much better bluetooth headphones instead. Performance I'm running a 1080 ti and the performance at PD of 1.5 was just fine. I did a low flight over Vegas and experience no frame stutter. Likewise on the Caucasus map, it's really been surprisingly smooth. I haven't measured the frame rates yet but I'll do that another time. I haven't tweaked my setting in any way. They're far from being way low though. I've set the PD down to 1.0 and it still looks great while being slippery smooth. WMR controllers Meh, pretty rubbish but I never intend to use them anyway. Tracking Very good in DCS. No complaints there at all. A bit spotty when you start walking around though. I'm using it in a pretty dark room and overall it's fine for my purposes. Conclusion As an early adopter when VR is still very much running at the enthusiast level I'm very happy with the experience overall. It could be slightly more comfortable, and the audio is a let down but I bought this headset simply for the improved resolution in a sim environment and I got exactly what I wanted out of it. Given that this is barely 2nd gen VR I think there's plenty to be optimistic about.
  8. Very interesting and overall positive. Thank you John!
  9. Interested to hear your thoughts!
  10. Thank you for the clarification, and thank you also for the time taken to feed back to us your thoughts on this headset. Enjoy a VR pint on me.
  11. Well my GPU hasn't maxed out yet in DCS with VR so I remain optimistic
  12. Mind you, if as Wags say there is no noticeable performance difference we can live without it for a bit longer anyway.
  13. Ah that's great. Thank you so much for instruction. I'm glad I don't have to download DCS for Steam, my internet connection is pretty rubbish, stuck as I am out in the barren wilds of London, SMH.
  14. I was under the same impression. This is a bit confusing. Anyhew I'm now downloading DCS for Steam, which I haven't used in a good few years.
  15. Yeah, this idiot will definitely need some guidance. Still excited though :)
  16. Does this mean I have to run DCS from within Steam for VR to work with the Reverb? Bit confused here. :/
  17. Wasn't that due for release today?
  18. Just realised I need to be at work for various meetings so I've rescheduled it for the 7th. But I'll take that day off to savour the moment. Totes worth it.
  19. Same here!!! OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod!!!!!! I need to book leave!
  20. Oh man I'm sorry to hear that. I have received the second email and the order is still in place in my hp account so far. I'm sure you can get one of your orders cancelled. HP have done a pretty poor job of launching this, it has to be said.
  21. My order is still standing. Perhaps a swell in demand affected your order.
  22. The patch is now scheduled for next Wednesday so fingers crossed!
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