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  1. 332nd Fighter Group, We currently are a group that plays on IL-2 Great Battles, But we are looking at making a footprint in DCS. We are currently flying in Phil's Storm of War server. If you are interested on joining us or finding out more information, contact me (Buddy) on https://discord.gg/JhhnpyBH
  2. Not only do i love this idea, but I love all these responses and suggestions as well. This is why I am making the move from IL-2 to this game, Things seem a bit more promising and the community, from what i have seen, has little to no toxicity. I would love a razor back 47, and 51 but i know that is a steep asking price but i think that could also fit in the early 44 match-up. I would also love a "DCS" battle of Brittan scenario. as much as I would also want the pacific, I feel that they have some things set up for the BOB and WTO so far, and its just my opinion that they flesh this side o
  3. Ala13_ManOWar. Well said. As a big time fan of world war II aviation sims.... I could say I flown the other Sims that I've done Battle of Britain and I think a DCS version will be amazing...... I honestly would like anything world war II in DCS minus the 262 ... It's not to say I don't want the 262. I would just rather it come way after a whole bunch of other aircraft. That's just my opinion.
  4. I think it should get modeled in. Can u explain to me the endevor on adding it? Not being smart just curious
  5. Doc3908, I play on storm of war server ...it's by far my favorite, and Phil ( the guy who created it) is pretty cool and likes realism. I'd go e that a try if I were u. 07
  6. More ww2 aircraft/varients...ie razorback 51 and 47, different 109 and FW varients, a griffon spit/ spit nine with 66engine, p38, p40, some Pacific era senerio .....lol I know I'm being facetious, but in a way I am serious and want all of those ...plus flyable bombers .......let's get another kick starter started!
  7. What are the odds of a razor back 51 and 47?
  8. I know the 109 G6 is in the works but does anyone have a time frame for it. Also my next question is about other warbird content and aircraft. I know the zero and Corsair are in the works and i think the mosquito has been mentioned, but what about other era aircraft/timeframes...example BOB, italy, razor back 51s and 47s, earlier 190s, spitfires, 109s etc......... Fyi I would definitely drop cash on kickstarters for more dcs warbirds content........ answers/thoughts?
  9. Silversmith????? Ur getting roughly 480mph? That doesn't seem right
  10. With out trying to add too much fuel to the fire already, how is it a semi- historical match-up already? would you be saying this if a 109g-6 was pitted against a 150 octane mustang instead of a B/C model that it historically went up against? how about the spitfire that is a 1943 plane? the match right now is not historical and that was my initial complaint. its as simple as the two maps we have now did not have the k-4 or the d-9 during the map times operations. Don't get me wrong this is still the best war-bird modeled game out in my opinion ( il-2 has fallen off). and the aircraft rig
  11. WELL SAID!!, what i have been trying to say, i am just not as articulate.
  12. Yes it was a late 44 plane, but that doesn't address the none historical value when it's fighting an early 44' P-51. As a p-51 enthusiast I don't mind the k-4 if it's historical contemporary was available. Don't think 109 jocky's would be happy if a spit 5 vs a 109 E-4 (not F varient) match up was released. I wouldn't be a fan of that either.
  13. Ohh and a Bob scenario would not include a 109 F-4..... They would be E-3's and E-4's.....still a great match up that I would love for ED to do, but I know they have alot on their plate.....also with all the hate for the g-6 ....it was the most produced 109 if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Thank u horseback for ur response and I forming me......I like the 51 but try not to be to muchof a fanboy j just moved on here to dcs cause of the excellent job they have done with warbirds....VR, dm, etc and the fact that they continue to try and improve things from an historical view point.....other sims...iL something.......are not doing nearly as much as ed seems to be .....I agree that a 150 Oct ( option with a g6/14 would be the best bet to make this more of a historical...not balanced ...match up ....I'm not so much looking for balance but historical accuracy....that's just my opinion
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