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  1. Trying to get an invite link to razbam discord, interested in some modules.
  2. Can someone send an updated link to the discord? Thanks
  3. We have started accepting applicants for our second viper wing (307th FS) and looking for viper drivers in the United states time zones! Any skill level will be accepted, we have our own dedicated server available 24/7, we also have a 4 stage training program to accelerate recruits from the training wing into the mission squadron. For questions please feel free to join our discord channel! https://discord.gg/B7tbSwz Apply at: jtf501.com
  4. Our discord is below https://discord.gg/SEtznB
  5. JTF 501 is a smaller group looking for any dedicated Hog drivers and Viper drivers to join our ranks. We fly two nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday) 2030 eastern standard time. We have our own dedicated server and looking for pilots of all skill levels. Any questions feel free to private message me. Thanks! http://jtf501.com/75th-fighter-squadron.html
  6. Anyone that wants to join a squadron, we are recruiting hog drivers of all skill levels. We have an instructor that can work with anyone that needs help. We have our own dedicated server, fly two nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday) at 8:30pm Eastern standard time. We have a fully functional viper squadron to provide support. Please dm me if you have any questions or if your interested, thanks!
  7. I used to play a certain unnamed sim game as well, though it was the newer one with th Balkans theater in it. I loved that one for the campaign! This flight model is definitely better, the plane is simple to just fly. I would recommend getting it to anyone. I have not sought advice on this forum before on this matter. With two bags under wings and nothing else I was unable to exceed .98 mach. Now that i am able to jettison them i can hit mach 1.0 in a dive after jettisoning the tanks with complete bare pylons. This isnt right in my opinion as this is a higher thrust engine and should have powe
  8. The whole intelligence thing comes from asking about adjusting the WH throttle in target, if I checked to see if the detent was mapped, and checked within dcs in the axis section. There are no warning lights and no conditions that would limit the engine from achieving the full thrust. I dont see many mentions of this as a bug, but with it being very early access I get it. Will be flying the other planes for now.
  9. Mine is the same way, check your engine rpm. My afterburner will not go to full burner with the nozzle position open 100%. Nothing I have done will fix it, and asked several other groups and there are zero intelligent answers as to what could be wrong. Tomcat, hornet, and SU-33 all work fine but viper doesn't.
  10. I have the mouse in the cockpit and alt c only removes the mouse cross or let's it show up again. I can hover above a switch but it will not let me switch it.
  11. So trying to fly and cannot do anything with the mouse in the cockpit, I have the yellow cross but when I hover over something like the master arm switch it does not turn green so I can throw the switch. This goes for every switch or lever in the cockpit. Probably something simple but I'm new to the game and it just randomly stopped working. Thank you for any help.
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