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  1. I'm a dummy. not only are they separate controllers but......big surprise, they have different USB cables. the one that's unplugged doesn't work so well :)
  2. Put in my application. Hopeful Hornet driver checking in!
  3. Are there particular nights that the training sessions tend to happen? - Nevermind. Read in another thread. "It depends" :)
  4. ...aaaaaaaaaand I'm a dummy. Didn't realize it had its own USB connector. Makes sense to do it that way. Works great now that I plugged it in. :) Just went through my first ramp start with it. Totally awesome and makes me want to build the sim pit even more now!
  5. New. out of the box. Didn't test anything after plugging it in, just flashed the firmware. Dummy mistake I know. But the switches on the panel dont seem to do anything? They havent registered as a separate game controller device and when I look at the settings in windows for what IS there, all I see are the buttons on the handles. Those look just fine. Can anybody tell me where to go from here?
  6. Are new members expected to be on missions/training EVERY week? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. VERY resourceful innovation! Congrats, dude!
  8. Thoughts on space for install into a sim pit? With a center console I can't help but wonder if the close in spacing of things like the CH-Pro, The TM TFRP, and others like it would present a need for a bow-like posture in the knees to 'reach around' the center console.
  9. less budget, more availability and general principal. I refuse to pay 2x price on anything normally just because its in short supply. Was curious about these. Thanks for the tip. Thats why I know its going to be a while before I get a good throttle and stick. Might bite the bullet and get a winwing combo when they restock, though. They do look sweet!
  10. Anyone have any opinions or experience with the Logitech g flight pedals? I'm wondering about build, durability, "feel", is the spacing of for a realistic Sim-Pit? Whatever you've got I'd appreciate. Thanks!
  11. Thank you, good sir. I've got to get my fix in somehow while I wait for an RTX3080 to become available. Until then, I'm stuck on a built in Intel U630. So I'm flying BlackShark 1
  12. Does anyone know where to find these? The link from the game now goes to a dead web page. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  13. Hi! Any update to the plans being available? I'm starting up my journey to cockpit Valhalla, and I think it's going to be the hornet up first. (Actually probably the only one, but I have a feeling its going to become an addiction!) Thanks, looks amazing!
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