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    Greetings! I want to ask you for help. There is a Gameplay tab in the game settings and a Game Flight Mod option. My question is that if I designate it, if I’m flying a MiG-21bis, I can’t retract the landing gear after takeoff. Anyone have any idea why this might be ??? Thank you in advance for the answers, ideas, experiences !!!
  2. Hello! I would ask for your help in that in the game when I fly an F-14B Tomcat, a few problems pop up a few times which is next. Sometimes, after taking off, I retract the brake wings in vain to the "empty" position, only the maneuver brake wing comes back, and other times this happens after landing. In both cases, due to this problem, I cannot move the wing mechanics, either automatically or manually. If you can help me with this, thank you very much! This problem doesn’t always come up but when you do it is very annoying. Trying to reinstall the game didn't help. I really hope this is just an update issue. Thank you in advance for helping me, a player from Hungary!
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