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  1. This mod is awesome. Can't fly without it. Is this compatible with or do we need to reinstall it?
  2. For me,DCS OB is still 12% slower compared to OB (patch before new light effects) but F14's rio is working fine.
  3. Yeah I did the same. Just copy/paste and now I see is 03 instead of 05
  4. Are we gonna get better cockpit textures? Hard to read some instruments in VR.
  5. All SP instant action. OB f16 takeoff Nevada 62 fps f18 cold dark Nevada 52 fps f14 watching devil dogs pilot 62 /rio 23 fps OB (old one) f16 takeoff Nevada 81 fps f18 cold dark Nevada 64 fps f14 watching devil dogs pilot 80 /rio 74 fps
  6. I did some tests. All SP instant action. I did delete all metashadercache and fxo, no SSLR or other fancy preset. Both on HIGH preset, exact same options. 2D. And this is only SP. MP is a nightmare. I had 12-14fps while on the ground. My results. OB f16 takeoff Nevada 62 fps f18 cold dark Nevada 52 fps f14 watching devil dogs pilot 62 /rio 23 fps OB (old one) f16 takeoff Nevada 81 fps f18 cold dark Nevada 64 fps f14 watching devil dogs pilot 80 /rio 74 fps Did not know about turning off the WCS. I'll check that out later. But for now, I'll
  7. i7-8700K @ 5ghz,gtx1080ti at 442.19 drivers,16gb 3200mhz ram, nvmE drive, rift S. SSLR off, deleted metashaders and fxo folders. On my own server uesd to get 40+fps both RIO and PILOT. Now 14fps avg. Im gonna roll back to the previous beta and will post here different fps both VR and 2D. But this is not only F14, got horribe fps in the f16 also. And doesn't matter if I lower the settings, still pretty bad fps.
  8. Same here. Ironically 14 fps as a RIO, multiplayer. Used to have 40+ fps. (VR) Also fired up the f16. My fps went half of what I used to get, so I don't think this is a HB problem. I even lowered my settings and it's still performing pretty bad.
  9. Unplayable for me in VR too. Went from 40fps down to 14 in multiplayer. (Same mision,same server, same folks) Something is broken here. And the tomcat,in VR as a rio, is just a slide presentation.
  10. I use both 2d and VR and the reasons: -2D: With trackIR I can stay in a blueflag or 104th server for hours and don't get any tired, cause doing PVP for more than a 1hr or 2 in VR is so demanding physically, is just like a hard workout. Plus better fps. In fact, I treat the 2d like a sim within the sim. I learn (or re-learn) my modules first in 2d, then I go flying VR when I have enough systems knowledge. -VR: Private sessions, more realistic ops. It's awesome if you do for instance an IFR patterns or less demanding ops like A/G, refueling, long trips. And that's where V
  11. Can't agree more. Cap's vids are getting lower and lower quality over the time. I used to watch them just for fun. Now I don't even watch them at all. Not because they are not fun, just because they are not very informative. I was watching the F18-Independence Day vid the other day. The guy just said the F18 is FBW so, why two hands on the stick? So asked a guy who's real f18 driver, remember he told me that the shape of the stick is made so at high speeds and tight turns you would have to use both hands. My friend just posted a commentary on his youtube vid pointing out even where to
  12. ECTAE


    Claro, en ningún momento dije que era mejor o peor volar con o sin pedales. Dije que no todo el mundo puede o quiere a pesar de tenrlos. Pongo ejemplos: Gente con problemas de cadera/rodillas/tobillos. Gente con cualquier problema motriz... Yo he volado mucho tiempo sin pedales y no me he visto en desevntaja,ni en helis ni en warbirds. Claro que ahora vuelo con pedales. Es mas, no me ha dolido gastarme 400€ en los VPC ACE-1. Pero me los puedo permitir.
  13. I'd say I don't care what module you make. It will be an instant buy. I'll know what module when I enter the instant action mission ;-)
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